Knowing vs Doing

Recently, I was reminded that there is a difference between knowing what to do in your business and doing it.  Seems like a simple concept, right?  Well, there can be a whole bunch of emotions, excuses and reasons why you stop yourself from doing what you know be to best for your business and what you may be doing.

Do you find yourself procrastinating?  Are you spending too much time chatting, making plans with friends, playing around on Facebook?  Are you letting "busy work" encompass you?  You're not alone.  

Have you found yourself listening to an expert speak and thought to yourself, "I know that". What's the difference between you and that expert?  Often, it's the difference between knowing and doing.

Instead of spending time researching and waiting for the perfect solution, get out there.  When you know something is right for your business, then act on it right away.  Don't wait for it to be perfect.  Get it out there.  It may not be perfect, that's okay.  It's better to have it be done and out there, than perfect.  

I still struggle with this, but I'm now more aware of it and act faster than I used to.  This month alone, I'm facilitating a Mastermind, a Workshop and my first Conference.  

Now for more doing.  I've known for almost 4 years that I need to create some online programs. Guess what?  They will be published by November 30th.  There.  I said it.  Now I'm going to DO it.  

What will you DO today that you KNOW will be good for your business?

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