Dream Big

For years I have worked on my goals of building my coaching practice and creating a place for entrepreneurs to connect, to build meaningful relationships and to celebrate each other's success.  I created and wrote out the concept of Pinkpreneurs on October 16th, 2012.  I wanted to bring positive women together to help each other succeed and prosper.  

Over this past weekend I co-produced the Giving Back Conference with Linda Sztanko.  I was so busy working on timing details and lists that I didn't really pay attention to the experience.  

On Sunday morning as I was getting ready to take my place on stage, our fabulous emcee, Anna Hill, made the executive decision to have a testimonial from an attendee right before I was to go on stage.  I was so focused on the fact that we were running later than planned and that everyone was probably looking forward to leaving that it took me a minute to calm down and just listen.  

What I heard, changed my life.  

A new Pinkpreneur stood up and shared her experience with Pinkpreneurs and the conference.  Please don't ask me what she said, I just know that the feeling of joy I had swamped me.  I had contributed to make a difference in her life and to the women in that room. I heard Linda say "this is what Suzanne wanted to create when she started Pinkpreneurs".  

On October 19th, 2014 (almost 2 years to the day) I experienced the joy and satisfaction of what I had conceived.  I enjoyed achieving my goal and seeing how my vision transformed the women in attendance.  As I stood in front of the room with Linda and we accepted the heart felt appreciation of the women in the room, I saw tears streaming down faces and I had to turn away as I went into the "ugly cry".  I was overwhelmed and couldn't receive fully the gratitude that these women were sending.  

My darling friend Linda snapped a picture of me with tears still brimming in my eyes.  This was my overwhelming moment of joy.  I'm so glad she captured it.  

Right after the conference, I crashed.  I had done what I had set out to do two years ago.  My goals all came true.  Now what?  As I told the women in the room, I commit to dreaming bigger.

This experience taught me two solid lessons.  The first is be open to receive and the second is dream BIG.

What's your BIG dream?  I'm working on my next ones now.



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