Procrastination & Overwhelm

As an entrepreneur, do you procrastinate on doing the things that you least like to do? Perhaps you're so overwhelmed handling problems and issues that are coming up, you don't have time to procrastinate.

I wonder if these two common entrepreneurial afflictions are related.  Perhaps procrastination is the sister or cousin of overwhelm?  I see this a lot in my coaching practice and let's face it, I too experience both of these behaviours.

Here's how I see procrastination and overwhelm being related.  By not getting things done before they become an issue or a problem, in other words, procrastinating, the issues pile up and lead to overwhelm.

My first suggestion for you is to delegate tasks that you hate.  Believe it or not, there are people who love to do some of the tasks you hate.  Sounds crazy I know, but they are out there and they are so happy to dive into your box of unsorted tax receipts or your filing that is piling up around your office or your social media posts.  

I want you to look at all the tasks you think you need to get done.  Do they all need to get done?  Can you delete anything from your list?  I'm going to suggest that you probably can delete a task or two.

Now, at those times when all you really want to do is relax or play hooky, do something productive that you've been putting off and then reward yourself by taking time for yourself. 

So quit procrastinating and get out of overwhelm.  Delegate, delete or get to it!





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