My First Blog

For several years now, I’ve resisted writing my own blog.  I’ve coached my clients to do it.  I’ve told them the importance of a blog.  Of how writing a blog will help their subscribers to know more about them, to understand how they think and to feel closer to them.  I’ve told them how writing a blog will help them to establish themselves as the expert in their field.  I’ve let them know the importance of publishing a blog on the same day of the week and roughly the same time of the day shows their subscribers that they are consistent and that proof of their consistency will demonstrate that they are reliable. 

I know all of these things and my clients have benefited greatly from my coaching them and encouraging them to write their own blog.  And yet, still I resisted.  Until today. 

Today, I have let go of the fear, of the excuses and started following my own advice.  All week long I have wondered what fabulous knowledge I could impart to you in my first blog and this is what came to mind:  Step over your fear and get it done, even if it’s not perfect.

Here are my promises to you.  I will publish my blog weekly.  I will keep it short and sweet.  I will give you one or two tips to move you forward in your business. 

Best always,


Suzanne Smith

Business Clarity Coach & Founder & CEO Pinkpreneurs & A Founder of One Red Lipstick

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