Celebrate Your Success

How do you celebrate your success?  Do you reward yourself when you sign up a new client? Do you have a little happy dance when you deliver a project on time?  How often do you pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you did a great job?  As an entrepreneur, especially female entrepreneurs, we so often just accept our successes and move forward to the next challenge.  

Today, I invite you to think about your last success and decide how you'll reward yourself.  What will motivate you every time you think about your recent success?  

Does this sound silly to you?  Well, I want you to think about watching a baby take their first steps.  Every time they stood up and took just one step, can you remember the joy you felt for them?  Can you imagine not clapping and praising this baby for their accomplishment?  

Depending on your success, you may choose to celebrate extravagantly with a concert or you may decide to treat yourself to a spa treatment or a walk in nature.  For me, I collect charms on my bracelet.  Each one of my charms tells a story and some of these stories are connected to my success in business. Hey, even a gold star sticker is a great way to celebrate.  For me, I like sparkly pink stickers.  

Be mindful of what will motivate you and remember to celebrate each and every success, just like you clap with joy for that baby making their first steps.  

I'm on my way to buy a charm for my bracelet.  Now that I've published my blog, I'm going to celebrate.

I'd love to hear your comments.  How do you celebrate your success in your business?



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