Surround Yourself With Positive People

I am honoured to have met many wonderful and successful entrepreneurial women in the last several years.  I've made many friends while expanding my knowledge and business expertise because of these women.  I have learned more about myself and my abilities from every encounter.  They say that being an entrepreneur is one of the best personal development tools.  I believe them.

One of the greatest gifts an entrepreneur usually possesses is the ability to come up with new ideas.  In the beginning of my coaching business when I came up with an idea, I told everyone about it, contrary to Napoleon Hill's advice in Think and Grow Rich.  There was always someone who told me it would never work and so I would abandon the idea.  I would give up and stay small.

As I started to surround myself with more like-minded, positive entrepreneurs, I discovered that they only want to see everyone succeed.  These are the people I surround myself with today.  I still come up with ideas and I go for them, but when these ideas aren't perfect, I adjust the concept and move forward.  So far, I've been fortunate and I make sure to listen when people are trying to give me good advice.  I take it in and consider how I can make it work with my idea and vision.  

I encourage you to believe in yourself and your ideas while surrounding yourself with people who believe in lifting others up and creating success for everyone.  





Keeping Your Thoughts Positive

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