Keeping Your Thoughts Positive

Do you ever find that some days or weeks are just a struggle while others are in flow and everything goes well?  I've heard people say that when life is a struggle it's because Mercury is in Retrograde or the weather pressure is off.  

I still don't understand how these factors impact my life and what is happening, but I do know that when I change my thoughts, life gets easier.  When I stay positive, focus on my accomplishments, understand that not everything is going to always go my way, then the struggles get easier.  I can laugh about them more and move forward without dwelling on what went wrong.  

I made the promise and commitment to you that I'd have this blog out every Wednesday.  I beat myself up that I didn't take the time to get it done because many other tasks got in my way and the planets weren't aligned and the weather wasn't perfect.  Oh, wait, that's not true.  I just got in my own way and didn't get it done.  When I had the time, my body was screaming at me to feed it and then I got wrapped up in other tasks.    

While my week hasn't flowed the way I wanted it to, with my change in thoughts, it is flowing better.  Can it be that our thoughts are more powerful than the planets or the weather? I believe they are.  

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