Hot Pink Candy

Every month I facilitate a session called Hot Pink Candy, a Mastermind and Business Coaching session for entrepreneurial women.  I chose the name Hot Pink Candy, because it's fun and brings a smile to everyone's face when I tell them about it.  

Each session is unique as we focus on the various challenges we all have in our business.  Without fail, at least one person walks away from the session after having a business or life changing epiphany. 

I've witnessed women who have changed their lives, their perspective and their business because they came to Hot Pink Candy.  I've also seen deep connections and relationships formed in these sessions.  Seriously, when you discover that you are not alone in your challenges, that we all have them, it’s hard not to connect at a deeper level. 

This is my true passion and joy in life.  Watching for that moment when the light dawns in that woman’s eyes, when she sees something in a different light, when her eyes well up with the tears of truth.

Hot Pink Candy is a safe place for entrepreneurial women to “open the kimono”, to get real and share her challenges, to help provide solutions for each other.  I am always impressed with the knowledge, experience and ideas generated at each session.

In my opinion, being our authentic selves, showing our vulnerabilities and our strengths is the key to creating deeper and more meaningful connections. 

I believe that shared challenges and pain diminish while shared success increases.  

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