Get Clarity to Achieve Success

I have been coaching now full time for four years.  When I first started out, I wasn't clear about how I could help others, I just knew that I wanted to help people. My first attempts were about helping others to lead a more tranquil path in their lives and business. Pretty generic, don't you think?  Well others thought so too and I didn't really get any new clients.  

Without fail when I speak to new clients, they tell me much the same thing that I started out with.  They usually tell me that they want to help people.  Then they tell me that they can help everyone.  I know, I did the same thing.  I wanted to help everyone.

Guess what?  This is an impossible dream.  It is physically impossible and mentally exhausting to help everyone.  

Take the medical profession as an example.  Would you go to see your GP about brain surgery? You'd certainly start there, but hope that they don't perform the operation, right? Why? Because your GP hasn't spent the time learning all there is to know about the brain and then performing hundreds of successful surgeries before they get to you.  

If you need brain surgery, and I certainly hope you don't, you'll find the specialist in that field before you go into surgery.  Right?

It's the same with your business.  Find something you love and that you're really good at.  Get better at it by reading and practicing. 

When I got really specific about who I was, what my special talents are and the results I could coach my clients to getting, that's when the magic happened and I started to gain confidence and clarity in what I do and how I coach.  

My point here is to get clarity on your gifts and then become really good at what you do.  If you need help, this is where I'm happy to move you towards Success, Clarity and Results. 

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