Is Your Fear Stopping Your Success?

Have you heard that there are really only two emotions?  One is Love and the other is Fear.  All the other emotions are merely variations of these two emotions.  

Having made that bold statement, let me ask you what gets in the way of your success?  

Every entrepreneur you ask will give you a different answer.  Most of the answers you'll hear, including the ones you tell yourself, are based in Fear.

Let's let that sink in.  I can hear your gasps and exclamations of disbelief.  I hear you say that's not it at all.  I've been coaching women in business for four years now, I've heard many different excuses.  Believe me, they all boil down to fear.  Yes, even the excuses about lack of time.  Every successful entrepreneur in this world has the same hours in the day that you do. They just choose to use them differently.

February is when we celebrate Valentine's Day.  The day of Love.  In the western world, we've turned it into a day for celebrating the love of our mate, partner or lover.  This month I invite you to focus on Love.  Acknowledge your Fear, we all have it, and move towards Love.  

Pay attention to the excuses you tell yourself.  Listen to the excuses you tell others.  Ask yourself if they are based in Love or Fear.



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