Advice, Answers and Opinions

When I first started as a Business Coach years ago, my business coach told me something that I have never forgotten.  I think of her advice often and how much it has helped me.

What was her advice?  Here it is!!!  

"One Hallway, One Door"

I'm giving it to you for free!!!  Good advice, don't you agree?  Honestly, I use this almost every single day.   

Get it?  Do you understand what she was telling me?  You can probably guess.  But will you ever be absolutely certain without knowing the context in which it was delivered?  

We are blessed to live in the world of Google.  I love that the answer to whatever question I have about my business, my health or any random question I have can be found somewhere on the internet.  Most often there are multiple answers to every question and I have to figure out what is the best answer for me.  Sometimes, I can spend so much time looking for an answer and weeding through all the content that I forget my original question.  

Have you ever asked for advice from your Facebook friends or Twitter followers and received multiple competing answers?  I'm going to guess yes.  Sometimes, you'll even have someone not answer your question, but pitch you their service or product.  If I want a service or a product, I will ask for it (after I research it on Google, of course.)

Napolean Hill says that "Opinions are the cheapest commodity, everyone has one."

We live in an incredible time when all the answers and more to every question we have are at our fingertips.  We are connected to people in a way we have never been connected before. We can get answers and opinions in seconds.

Free advice, answers and opinions are everywhere today.  Often, I see entrepreneurs completely overwhelmed with the amount of ideas they have and they don't move forward in their business.  

Here's what I believe is the key to your success in business. YOU are the only one who knows what is best for you in your business and your life.  I believe that the best way to get the answers you seek is by working with a coach who will ask you the right questions so you can see the answer yourself.  Find a coach who will get you to clarity and discover the answers that are best for you.  

Of course, I'd be delighted to have a Clarity Session with you to see if we're a fit.  The most important thing I can tell you is stop spinning, stop seeking answers outside yourself, stop asking your friends and followers.  

Get a Coach.  Get Clarity.  Get Results.




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