It's March Break!

It's March Break.  Can you feel the energy of Spring in the air?  It's close, it's coming soon.  It's almost here.  Thank goodness.  We Canadians have had another typical Canadian winter.  Lots of snow and cold.  I love the fresh snow, but I love the smell of the mud in spring and watching the daffodils bloom more.

In the meantime, it's March Break.  Business has slowed down.  I've been continuing as normal in my business, but what a big difference.  There are fewer people interacting via Facebook this week as many entrepreneurs are out with their kids doing fun stuff.  I didn't even realize it was March Break until Tuesday.

So, because it's slower than usual, I started the creative process of planning for events and courses and fun stuff for when you're all back and looking for ways to promote yourself and connect with others.

For me, March Break is about planning for the future.  Setting up systems and processes to make life easier for when business is crazy busy.  

I've enjoyed March Break and I'm even taking the day off tomorrow to spend time with my husband.  I've got plans moving ahead for the next few months and some more systems in place.  

What did you do with your March Break?



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