Renewal & Transformation

There is a renewal energy in Spring, don't you find?  As the snow melts, we are starting to see the grass.  The plants are coming out of hiding under the mountain of snow we had this winter.  Oh, how I missed seeing the grass and plants, even brown and spindly, there is the promise of growth and renewal.  

I wrote a blog for Pinkpreneurs this past week.  I continued on the theme of my MoMonday speech of Invisible No More.  At the Pinkpreneurs meeting on Tuesday, I again shared a shortened version of my story and invited the Pinkpreneurs present to share when they too had felt invisible in their life or business.  

What happened next shocked me a bit.  People really opened up and shared many of their vulnerable stories of invisibility.   Everyone had a time in their life when they felt invisible.  

I was certainly not alone.  

On Wednesday evening, I attended an event about the launch of a movement for women in our community.  The two speakers did an amazing job and had us all in tears at one point.  Not just tears glistening in our eyes, but the ugly cry (as Oprah calls it), where your face scrunches and you hold yourself tight so you don't make any noise.  

Both speakers are Pinkpreneurs.  Both shared their stories of vulnerability and moved us all.   

What happened next shocked me again.  Both the speakers and several of the women in the room, honoured me by mentioning me and Pinkpreneurs.  I was invited to stand up and thanked for my involvement.

I was not invisible!

I feel like this week has been transformational for me.  As I reflect back, I believe that I've been shrinking a little and hiding away a bit.  As the snow melts and reveals the plants and grass, I feel like the darkness and cold that has been surrounding me for almost two decades is melting away as well.   

I am truly Invisible No More.  

So, I ask you.  How have you been invisible in your life or business?  


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