Delegate to Profit

"You can do anything, but you can't do everything."  

This is a phrase that often goes through my mind when I speak with entrepreneurs. With the advances in technology and speed of communication, in addition to your natural talents and skills, it is so easy to believe you can do and be everything in your business.

This is the best way to get overwhelmed.

You need to let go of some of the tasks you don't like doing and delegate them to someone who loves these tasks. 

Let's put this another way, if you have the potential to earn $100 per hour, but you are doing a task in your business like bookkeeping or shipping or delivery, you are essentially paying a bookkeeper, a shipper or a delivery person $100 per hour.  

Does that make sense in your business?

Take a look at the tasks that you don't love doing and delegate them.  

How many can you delegate today?  What can you do with the extra time you now have?  

Letting Go

Give Yourself Special Permission