Give Yourself Special Permission

It's April, it's raining and it's cold.  This also means that it's Spring, the weather will be warming up soon and the flowers need the rain.  There is always a silver lining to every cloud, we all know that.  But, sometimes, you just need to wallow in it.  That's okay too.  When that happens, it's time for a break.  A change of pace.  Something new.  

This is when you need to give yourself special permission.  That's what I'm going to do.  I'm sick with a rotten cold.  Again.  So, I'm giving myself special permission to take care of myself.  

When you give yourself special permission, you also need to release yourself from your obligations.  

As a Pinkpreneur, and often, solopreneur, you need to go within, take care of yourself, recharge your batteries and give yourself special permission.

Next week, I'm giving myself special permission to focus on myself and all the many things that are happening in my life.  I'm going in for a procedure on Monday, then I need some time to recover.  We are moving soon as well, so I need time to pack and get my life in order.  

I'll be away from Social Media and my business for most of next week.  

My clients all know that I'll be unavailable next week, I made sure to tell them.  I'll put my "out of office" on my email so anyone who reaches out will know I'll get back to them.  

All will be fine. And so will I.  Because I'm giving myself special permission.


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