Are Your Thoughts Keeping You Stuck?

What thoughts do you have about yourself that are holding you back in your business?  It's natural to have doubts, to wonder if you're doing your best, or if you're doing the right things to move your business forward.  

At some point, you may even think of yourself as a fraud.  Gasp.  I put it in writing.

Guess what?  These are all normal worries.  Most of the clients I've coached in the past several years have stated one or more of these worries.  I know, I have them too.  I used to try to push them down and change my thoughts for fear that if I focused on these negative thoughts for too long, they would come true.  This is not true!

These negative thoughts are sent from your ego to keep you safe.  Your ego wants to keep you in status quo.  So, when you try to do something new or different your ego sends fearful thoughts to keep you stuck.  Don't blame the ego, it's helping you.

Here's an analogy for you.  Your body needs to maintain your heartbeat at a steady beat, your temperature at normal and your breathing regular.  Just like your body working to keep you alive and in status quo, that's what your ego is doing for you.

So, when your ego sends out these negative thoughts to you, acknowledge them.  Thank your ego for doing a great job of keeping you safe and then step out of your comfort zone to your new adventure.  Keep moving.  The faster you make decisions and move forward, the more your ego will get used to the constant change and it will believe this is your new status quo.

I'm always happy to coach you through your negative thoughts and move you towards success and clarity in your business.  I'm happy to offer you a complimentary 30 minute Clarity Session.  


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