Are You Invisible or Invincible?

When I left my corporate role in 2007, I swore that I would never go back.  I wanted to live my dreams of being an entrepreneur.  I wanted to work from home and do what I wanted to do every day.  

I had just graduated with my brand new coaching certificate on June 9th, 2007.  I remember looking around that room of fellow coaching graduates and thinking, this is it.  I can start my own business being a coach.  Three days later, I walked into my permanent job and discovered that they had moved my department from the Toronto office to Houston.  Both my colleague and I were given severance packages that day.  I was delighted.  Now I could take some time off and start my coaching career.  I had my shiny new certificate and my severance package.  

I thoroughly enjoyed that summer as I had nothing to worry about.  

Then I discovered that I was INVISIBLE.  

Yes, I had a coaching designation, but no one had any idea who I was or how I could help them.  Remember, this was in 2007 and social media was not what it is today.  I was terrified of going out to network and I didn't know what my specialty was.

Over the next several years, I gained experience in coaching, discovered that networking is actually fun and became more and more visible.  

Today, I often go to events and people will tell me that they've seen me before.  This is always good.  Recently, I was away at a resort and as we walked into the building a woman in the parking lot approached me and said she knew me.  Sure enough, she did recognize me!  This is happening more and more now.  It tells me that my efforts are paying off.

Today, I enjoy coaching you from Invisible to Invincible.  I know what it's like to be invisible.  I'm here to tell you that it's not as fun as being invincible.  

Here are some quick tips to being INVINCIBLE:

  1. Show Your Face:  Make sure that your profile picture looks like you do today, not several years ago.  If your hairstyle is dramatically different today than your profile picture, then get a new one.  Make sure your picture is on your website, your business card and your social media pages.
  2. Be Authentic:  Speak from your heart. When you speak from your heart, you will connect authentically with others.  
  3. Be Consistent: Post in social media on a regular and consistent basis.  Write and send out your blog consistently.  By your actions, you demonstrate how you will be to work with.  If you're blog and social media posts are consistent and reliable, then people naturally expect that you are consistent and reliable.  

Connect with me for a complimentary Clarity Session.  Let's spend some time together to see if you're more Invisible or Invincible and how to get you to Invincible.



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