Why No Is a Good Thing

I recently conducted a one day workshop with some fabulous Pinkpreneurs. As everyone discussed their business, goals and success. It was soon clear that everyone shared one giant fear. For some it was crippling while for others it was a huge realization on what has been stopping them from their greatest achievements.

What was that giant fear that was keeping them from their greatest success in business? It was the fear of being rejected when they asked for the sale.

I've heard this over and over from my clients over the past several years. The worry, the concern, the energy that is consumed in thinking about it. "What if I offer it to them and they say no?"

There. It's out in the open now. Let's shine a bright light on it and look at this differently.

Is everyone you know or talk to going to buy from you? The answer should be "no, that's just silly", right?  Anyone in sales has heard that you want to hear a firm "no" from people because you're getting closer to a yes. 

Go inside and ask yourself if you are asking for sales. Are you closing as much and as often as you can be? Or are you wishing and hoping that clients will find you and buy from you? I used to operate this way for years. Recently, I discovered some amazing tools and techniques that have helped me to move forward and ask for the sale. I used to be devastated when someone said "no". Now I choose to celebrate and look for people who say "yes'!

Here is something else to ask yourself. How many people are you waiting to hear back from? Have you made an offer and they have told you that they're thinking about it? Guess what? They have already decided that they don't want to buy from you and they don't want to tell you because they may hurt your feelings. Please, let them off the hook. Let them know you're good with a firm "no".

When you have someone who is not willing to give an answer, they are hurting themselves and you. They may be waffling in indecision and this is uncomfortable for them. Ask them to make a decision. This is for their highest and best good. Here's how it hurts you. As long as you're waiting for them to let you know if they're in or not, you're expending energy that could be focused on people who truly want your service or product.

For these reasons, getting a strong NO is a good thing.

Go out and get some no's. Then celebrate your yeses. They are coming. 


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