Focus on Power

Power has been the focus of the Invisible to Invincible Podcast during the month of January. Have you been following along?

We began with the Power of Your Imagination in Episode 009. Did you hear the story about the woman who thought her brains had exploded out of her head because she thought she'd been shot? That was a powerful example of how an active imagination can impact you. 

Next we introduced you to the Power of Coaching in Episode 010. We talked about various ways to grow your business and if coaching was something that made sense for your situation.

This week we're going to talk with you about The Power of Belief in Episode 011. It's a concept that I'm passionate about. Henry Ford stated it well in his famous quote, “If you think you can or you think you can’t. You’re right.” 

Our last episode in this series is about the Power of Clarity. Of course I had to talk about Clarity. I'm a Clarity Coach after all. I'll tell you more about this episode next week.



Seriously, Let's Have Fun!

The Power of Goal Setting