Comparitis May Lead to Frauditis

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

If you've ever compared yourself to another person, then you've suffered from comparitis. Yes, it's a problem. This type of thinking will keep you stuck where you are. It will stop you from moving forward and it will cause all sorts of other symptoms like analysis paralysis, perfectionism and self doubt

In it's final stages, you may contract and suffer from frauditis. Frauditis is even more serious than comparitis. Frauditis is when you no longer believe in yourself. You will suffer from poor self worth and finally sink into general apathy. You'll do anything you can to protect yourself and keep yourself safe. You'll linger in the activities of being invisible and stuck in your comfort zone. 

This is a negative and nasty spiral that you want to avoid at all costs.

But wait! There's a solution! Here are some ways to stop yourself from slipping into comparitis and eventually frauditis.

1. Focus on your positive successes and what you've achieved in your business. Create a list for yourself that you have nearby. Refer to it often to remind yourself of how far you've come. Write down and celebrate every single success.

2. Accept compliments from others. Receive these compliments with an open heart, allowing them to flow through you and breathe them in. Then, respond with sincere and heartfelt appreciation.

3. Seek out evidence of how you have positively affected people in your life. Whose lives have you touched that has made them a better person, given them some relief or moved them to a better place? 

Keep your focus on your unique and utter brilliance. It's in you. I see it.

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