Are You Seeking Clarity?

I remember my six grade teacher Ms. Znak very fondly. She created a great place for learning and always answered our questions. Now, she didn't give us the full answers. She taught us something far more valuable. She taught us how to think for ourselves. This skill that I learned at the tender age of 11 has given me much strength, clarity and wisdom for my whole life.

Would you like to know what magical technique she taught us?

Every time one of the students needed help spelling a new word, we'd put up our hands and we'd ask, "Ms. Znak, how do you spell ....?" Every single time, Ms Znak would respond with the first three letters of the word we were asking about and then said "Dictionary". So, if we wanted to spell "Clarity" she would say "C L A .. Dictionary".

How has this magical technique given me strength, clarity & wisdom? 

I believe in my heart that everyone has the answers they need inside of them. Sometimes, we just need clarity of the first three letters and direction to the resource to get us the answer we need.

How many times have you looked up a word in several different dictionaries only to find that the definition is slightly different in each one? You need to decide which answer is the best one for you and what you're looking to do with it. This is very similar to your business. If you search on the internet for something like "How do I get more clients?" or "How do I market my new program?" you will get hundreds and hundreds of different solutions and different ways to do it. This overwhelm of information will stop you from taking action so that you can plan and study and then waffle on which solution is best for you. This is the opposite of Clarity.

Being able to have discernment about what you are seeking for your life and your business is the first step to finding clarity. After you know this, you'll know find the answer, the person and the result that will get you to the results you're seeking.

This is how I coach my clients. We spend time discovering what you want for your business and then create a plan and direction to lead you to clarity. Connect with me today to discuss how you can seek clarity.




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