Are You Alone?

I have found that running my own business and being an entrepreneur is the single most profound journey of personal development. Your thoughts, emotions and behaviours will be projected out into your business and you’ll see for yourself exactly what your thinking, feeling and doing by the results you’re getting and the people you’re attracting.

Every month, I set aside my coaching hat and become the client. I meet with another NLP Coach and we clear the negative emotions and limiting decisions that have come up over the previous month. I believe it’s imperative and in integrity to continually apply the same techniques I use in my coaching practice on myself.

In addition, every week, I have a conversation with an amazing, upbeat, successful entrepreneur. We share our thoughts and emotions as we inspire each other to build our businesses.

Every time I share with my colleagues, they send me love and light and they remind me of all that I have achieved. In addition, they share their wisdom with me that always inspires me to be my best self.

This week, one of our conversations has really buoyed me up and I want to share some wise words with you as they affected me greatly.

Before I share her wisdom, I’m going to tell you what I’ve been thinking and feeling these past few months. As you know by now, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February. I had surgery in April to remove the lump. Then I had radiation treatments in June.

I was all done with the cancer by June 19th, or so I thought.

You see, while going to treatments and focusing on my physical healing, I didn’t have the time to think much past all that I needed to do to still meet my client’s needs, attract new clients and run my business in addition to the medical appointments. Then in July, I was dealing with the after effects of radiation. It’s like having a bad sunburn, so I was healing from this during July. I started to notice that I was just focused on the moment and getting from one moment to the next and not really thinking much about the future. I started to notice that my emotions were a bit “wobbly”. I can’t explain it better than “wobbly” right now.

Over the past month, I’ve felt a significant shift in my focus, my thoughts for the future and my emotions. All of the NLP techniques have been working to get me back to myself quickly and I’m now quite excited about my future.

I was sharing all of this with my friend and that’s when she said this profound statement to me:

Cancer changes your world so dramatically that you can see into the future.

This statement sums up exactly how I’m thinking and feeling now. I see my future differently than ever before. I’m excited for all that is to come.

I used to believe that I needed to do everything on my own and by myself. Today, I’m so grateful for the amazing people that have come into my life and continue to inspire me to focus on what I want to create.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you feel all alone in your business, reach out and connect with others. You have wisdom that will inspire others and they will lift you up.

You’ll be more excited about your future. I know, I am.

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