Star Struck Moments

Have you ever had a star struck moment? You know, when you see a celebrity at an event or when you’ve read a book that changed your life and then you meet the author?

With the world becoming smaller and smaller because we are able to connect with so many people using technology, I still love having these star struck moments.

Earlier this year, I met Mag Ruffman, one of the stars of the Road to Avonlea. I remember watching this Canadian television show every week with my family in the early ‘90s. We’d have hamburgers and watch the show every Sunday night. I pulled together my courage and went to meet Mag Ruffman before the event.

What I remember most was how gracious, warm and welcoming she was. While I was nervous and gushed a bit, she was just so kind and sweet. She was genuinely interested in what I was doing and why I was attending the event.

She was a real person.

Last week, I had another star struck moment. I was attending a course and customized my “Out of Office” message to let people know that I was away on the course and my response time would be slower.

I was delighted when the author of a book that I read earlier this year responded to my auto-response and we ended up having a discussion via email over a couple of days. I just had to tell her that her book had changed the way that I approached my marketing and my business for the better. She was just as happy to receive my feedback and told me that I made her day.

She was a real person.

As I reflect back on these two exchanges, I realize that we’re all just people. We all have the goal and desire to connect and to make a difference in the world.

I also realized that the difference between us is about execution and implementation.

The actress and the author simply took action to be seen, to share their light in the world and make a difference.

Both of these women have made an impact and a difference in my life.

So, who is waiting for you to shine your light and make a difference in their world? What do you have to offer that will make someone else’s day?

Do it. Get out there and shine. You have the power to make someone star struck. It’s fun.

You’re a real person.

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