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In the Success & Clarity blog on Review Your Successes, I spoke about all the accomplishments you can achieve in two or three decades.

In the next blog Define Your Dream Vision, I spoke about create your big vision, your dream, your big hairy audacious goal, your destiny driven goal, your burning desire… you get the idea, right?

With these concepts in mind, when you think about all that you have done and all that you wish to achieve going forward, here are some ideas to get you started on building and achieving your dreams.

Here’s a great quote from Actor, Will Smith about the wall he and his brother built when they were young. Will Smith’s father tore down the wall and then told his two young sons to rebuild the wall.

“You don’t try to build a wall, you don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say I’m gonna build the biggest baddest wall that’s ever been built. you say, I’m gonna lay this brick, as perfectly as a brick can be laid, and you do that every single day, and soon you have a wall. It’s difficult to take the first step when you look how big the task is. The task is never huge to me, it’s always one brick.” - Will Smith

What I particularly like about the lessons that Will Smith learned from this experience was that his focus was on laying each brick “perfectly”. He took the time, energy and focus to make sure that each and every brick was done well and let the building of the rest of the wall take care of itself.

So, let’s apply his lessons to your business.

Are you taking the time, care and focus to do each and every task that you choose to do in your business to the best of your ability?

Or, are you rushing through the tasks to get to something else?

Or worse, are you trying to do a few things at once and it’s taking you longer to get anything done?

By the way, it took 18 months for Will and his brother to build that wall. They started with a 6 foot hole to pour the foundation and then laid each brick one at a time every day after school.

That wall is still standing today.

Here’s what I suggest to you, only if you want to achieve big results for yourself and your clients:

  • Focus your time and your energy on completing one task at a time.

  • Complete each task to the best of your ability.

  • Celebrate each task as you achieve it.

  • Be aware of your vision and let the end goal take care of itself.

What tasks are you working on right now? Share it with me if you’d like.

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