Pink Clarity

My favourite colour is orange.

All my life, I’ve loved the vividness and energy of the colour orange. And yet, I’m known for my passion for pink. My brand is hot pink, my networking group is called Pinkpreneurs. Today, I get a lot of joy and energy from pink. As I sit here writing, I can see pops of pink all around my desk and I even chose to wear a pink top today.

Today, I have people whom I have not heard from in a while, send me a quick note and picture and say that they thought of me when they saw something pink.

It’s a lot of fun being associated with the colour pink today.

What’s really fascinating to me is that ten years ago, I would never have associated myself with the colour and energy of pink.

It was other people in my life who pointed out how much I loved pink. When I met my husband on a blind date I was wearing my favourite pink sweater and my pink running shoes. Later, when we were together, and I was deciding on the colour of a product or clothing article that I wanted, I would reach for the orange item and he would always say, “get the pink one”. I remember the first time he said this, that I had a negative reaction to that. I don’t want the pink one, I would think to myself. I couldn’t figure out why he kept telling me to get the pink one.

Pink Picture.jpg

"It had to be Pink..."

A year or so later, a dear friend of mine commissioned a beautiful painting for me. She told me as I opened it that she didn’t know why, but her intuition told her to tell the artist to paint me a pink picture. At the time, my home was decorated with bright red and fresh green walls. I remember being touched and delighted to receive this beautiful painting and again wondering why the heck the people closest to me kept telling me to buy the pink ones and giving me pink gifts.

I was working with my first business coach and mentor in 2011 and she said something that was so profound and so helpful, that I’ve shared it with my clients repeatedly over the years. She told me that “you can’t see what’s written on the outside of your box” and therefore everyone needs a coach. It made so much sense to me. As I was coaching my clients, listening to their words and watching their actions, I could clearly see what was written on their box. It was so obvious and clear to me. I would reflect it back to them and they thought I was an absolute genius. I have to tell you this was very gratifying at the time.

Then, I looked at myself. I realized that the people closest to me were reflecting back to me what was painted all over the outside of my box. I love the colour and energy of pink. I looked at my wardrobe and could create a whole section of pink clothes and shoes. That’s when I knew that I loved pink as much, if not more than orange. Orange will always have a special place in my heart, but pink now takes up more space.

Do you have people in your life who are continually telling you something about yourself? Are you paying attention or are you ignoring them? You’ll know the truth of what they tell you by going inside and checking in to determine if it feels right, you’ll see if it rings true.

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