What Is Keeping You Invisible?

This is the first of a three-part blog on Moving from Invisible to Invincible.

How many times have you been told that it’s easy to build your business?

How many books have you read believing that they have the answer to growing your business?

How many courses or programs have you purchased hoping that they will give you the magic formula for your success in business?

How much money have you spent only to find that you’re still in the same place or worse off than when you started?

Have you compared your results to others and discovered that the process, formula, method or system just doesn’t work for you?

Do you do everything you’ve been told and still find that you don’t have the results you want?

Do you wonder how it is so easy for others to get to six figures and beyond in their business and you know deep down that you have just as much education, just as much talent, and skill and just as much, if not more, to offer???

How many times have you done exactly what you’ve been told to do and have that for some crazy reason it just doesn’t work for you?

Why does it work for everyone else? Why are these amazing programs, systems, processes and techniques great for everyone but you?

You could write a book about how many systems, processes, and programs simply don’t work for you.

If you want to discover what is stopping you from creating the success and abundance you desire in your life, then read on.

It’s FEAR. It’s YOU. You’re stopping yourself. Well, technically, it’s your limbic brain.

It’s not the program, it’s not the process, it’s not the system or formula. It’s not someone else. It’s not the universe.

It’s your incredible, amazing and powerful brain.

Here’s What’s Been Happening in Your Brain:

Your brain, your mind, and your thoughts are so incredibly powerful. For years, you have squashed down your fears and your negative thoughts and your negative emotions.

Perhaps, you just switch your thoughts from the negative patterns to something positive. When something negative does manage to pop up, are you mean and demeaning and disparaging and judgmental about yourself for having these negative thoughts in the first place? Are you like the child who sticks her fingers in her ears and starts babbling something like “nananananna I can’t hear you” in a singsong voice? Perhaps you’re much more mature and just refuse to listen. Or you say to yourself, “thank you for sharing, now go away” as I was taught to do.

Guess what? You’re just pushing these negative thoughts and emotions and fears further down. They are still there. I hate to burst your bubble. You may think that you can no longer hear them, but you’re just kidding yourself.

Those negative emotions, fears, thoughts, and behaviours are running on a loop in your brain. They are background noise that you’re just telling yourself you can’t hear. They are so far embedded in your brain, that they have you running on autopilot.

You don’t know that the program is running until you’re triggered by someone or something happening and then you react emotionally. You may cringe and run away, or you may get mad and say things you don’t mean. In the moment, this seems the best way to behave. It’s only afterward that you wonder what got into you.

Here’s the Good News! Your Brain Is Programmed to Protect You

Your limbic brain is hard-wired to seek out and find threats to your survival. The human species has evolved from a time when we lived to kill for our food or be killed. We had to hone our survival instincts to quickly assess each situation and determine if there was an imminent threat and we needed to either take flight or fight. Since you’re here today, this proves that your ancestors developed the ability to assess threats and take the right action for survival over others.

That part of your brain is still doing the same thing for you today. It is still assessing threats and determining if you need to take flight or fight.

All right then, if your brain is programmed to keep you safe and protect you, why does it stop you from building your business, asking for the sale, sharing your services and products with potential buyers? Would your brain want you to have abundance and success?

Let Me Illustrate What Is Stopping You with A Story.

You’ve heard that fear of public speaking is the number one fear, right? Let’s use this as an example to illustrate my point. Imagine the child who wants to tell a story to her family. She is talking and sharing her story and she suddenly hears laughter. She immediately feels shame and humiliation swamp her and decides right then and there that speaking up brings shame and humiliation. The experience of speaking up combined with the negative emotions of shame and humiliation and they wired together neurologically in her brain.

What really happened is that the TV was playing in the background and the canned laughter soundtrack played right in the middle of her story. The brain felt the intense emotion swamp her and then tied it back to the behaviour. A new program was written in the brain that it would protect her from this type of negative experience ever happening again in her lifetime.

As her life progressed, every time she decided that she wanted to stand up, share, tell a story, get on stage because she was told that’s how to grow her business and she had the formula for her success, she just couldn’t make it happen. Her limbic brain, her unconscious mind sent up FEAR and she was unable to move forward.

She had a program running in the background that stopped her. The program kept her safe, kept her small, kept her in her comfort zone.

In fact, whenever she was in a meeting, talking to people, her brain would actively search for proof that her beliefs and her programming were correct. Even the smallest negative facial expressions, body language or words would confirm the programming was right in sending up the emotion of fear to stop her from harm.

As an adult, if she was able to go back and look at that experience, she would realize that it was the TV playing and her family was really enjoying her story. Her life, career, and business would have played out so much differently.

How Does This Apply to You?

If you’ve experienced a negative experience around something in your life, your limbic brain will recognize any similar experience as a threat and will run a strategy to protect you. Your limbic brain is doing an incredible job keeping you safe and protecting you from harm.

You may not even remember the event that is causing you to run a program to bring up big fear every time you want to grow or step out of your comfort zone. The program is running so deep in your unconscious mind and your limbic brain that you just can’t get to it consciously. You need to peel back the layers and uncover the event that happened.

I'll share some key actions you can implement now to move from invisible to invincible in my next blog.

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