Information & Implementation

Do you ever have one of those moments when someone says something so simple and yet so profound it rings in your brain for days after?

This week I was in a meeting and someone whom I respect greatly for their success in their business said this:

"Information doesn't grow your business;

implementation does." 

In that moment of clarity, I could see how so many entrepreneurs can get stuck in overwhelm and information overload.

Today, there is so much information that is available so easily and so inexpensively. Sometimes, even for free. Because of the vast quantity of information available at our fingertips, so many entrepreneurs swirl in their desire for more information and more knowledge. 

This desire for more information creates a feeling of inadequacy and feeds into the dreaded imposter syndrome. 

While some information is helpful, information overload without implementation will lead to feelings of overwhelm. It's a simple and very avoidable process.

So, what do you do to overcome this?

Take Action! Implement!

It's more important to take action and implement something than it is to get all the information you'll ever need before you act. 

I love the analogy of sailing. (I love being on the water on a sunny day.) Think of a sailboat. When it's tied up to the dock, it is impossible to steer. When you untie the sailboat and start to move, it's simple to correct your course because you are moving. 

So, next time you catch yourself wanting more and more and more information, think of steering the sailboat. Take action and start to sail. It's easier to course correct once you're moving than it is to steer while the boat is tied up.

What have you been putting off implementing? 

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