Do You Feel Like You're Missing Something?

Do you believe that if you were just smarter or faster or just something that you could have more success in your business?

Did you miss school that day in grade two when they gave every child the key to success in life?

Years ago I read an article in which the author stated that she went through life believing that she had missed receiving the manual on life that they handed every other child but her in grade two because she was home sick that day. Do you feel like you missed out on receiving that life manual? I know that I felt this way for years. 

I spent so many years wondering what was wrong with me. I wasted so much time worrying what everyone else thought of me. When I think of the time and energy that I wasted I just cringe. 

If you too feel this way, I'll share the secrets that I've discovered to help you to move out of this negative spiral.

1. Know Yourself

Spend time getting to know and understand who you are. You can do this by taking the many assessments that are available free online. I'm not talking about the cute little social media quizzes. I'm talking about assessments that are credible and have scientific analysis behind them. Then, reflect on what the assessments tell you about yourself. Go inside and see if they are true.

2. Ask for Feedback

Ask your loved ones for feedback. Ask past clients and colleagues to share what makes you remarkable. Their answers will delight and surprise you. Having said that, you want to watch out for "Perception is Projection". This is when the person giving you feedback tells you something negative that you know in your heart is not true about you. When this happens, it's because it's actually something out of balance in the person giving you feedback and it's not about you. So practice discernment.

3. Get Involved in a Community of Like Minded People

When you spend time with others who think like you do, you feel less alone and more confident in what you're doing, saying and thinking. You'll also love that these people will lift you higher than you can on your own. You may decide to join a group of volunteers or a networking group. Just get involved with others who think like you.

4. Hire a Coach or a Mentor

Of course, I'm going to tell you to hire a coach or a mentor. This was what made the biggest difference for me in my business. Just make sure that you like and respect your coach or mentor. As for testimonials before you hire them and make sure that they do what they promise. Even more helpful for you will be finding a coach who leads a community of like-minded people that you can connect with.

So, what action will you take today?

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