Success Tips From a Driver

I've learned a lot about success in business from driving. Here are three key lessons that I learned from driving that I encourage you to apply to your business every day.

Pay Attention All Around You:

When you're driving a vehicle on the road, you need to pay attention to where you're going, right? You're looking straight ahead for 90% of the time with regular checks in the rearview mirror to see what is happening behind you and you're checking your side mirrors just as often. Keep your eyes up and stay alert. While you focus forward, you're using your peripheral vision to constantly keep track of the cars in other lanes around you. So, while you focus on where you're going, you are well aware of everything that is happening all around you, aren't you?

Well, this is how you need to run your business. You want to focus on where you're going at the same time that you check all around you to see what is always happening. When there is a shift around you, in business, just like when driving a vehicle, you need to change lanes, slow down, shift. 

Gaze Into the Future:

When you drive your vehicle, do you pay more attention to the road right in front of your car, or do you focus your gaze further down the road so that you can see further into the future? I've been in a car with a driver who was focused on the road right in front of them. We kept ending up stopped behind vehicles, such as taxis and buses, and cars turning right because the driver was focused on the road right in front of them. If they had cast their gaze up and looked further down the road, into the future, they would have noticed the bus, the taxi and the cars with their indicators flashing and moved into a different lane.

Apply this concept to your business. Are you focusing on the tasks you need to do today, or are you gazing towards the future and long-term goals that will move you forward in your business?

Focus On Where You Want to Go:

This is my favourite lesson of all. When you're driving and you notice that there is a big tree really close to the road, you need to make sure you keep your eyes on the road and focus on where you want to go. When you focus on the tree, your body will naturally adjust and you'll head into the tree. If a car pulls out suddenly from the curb, you want to focus on where you want to go and you'll automatically swerve away from the car. This is also why you need to be vigilant in being continually aware of what is all around you and focus on where you want to go.

As you apply this concept to your business, be truthful with yourself. Are you focusing on what you want in your business? Or, are you focused on what you don't want? If you're paying too much attention to the obstacles and worries, then you're going to automatically head towards them. Keep your focus on what you want. How many new clients do you want? How will your products and services help your clients?

So, what will you do differently today as a result of these three lessons?

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