Increase Your Confidence

When you're searching for a new service provider, you want someone who is an expert in what they do, right? Just as you're searching for an expert and someone who portrays confidence, your clients are looking to you to be confident. Your words, tone of voice and body language are constantly communicating to people around you. 

Communication is comprised of the words you use, your tone of voice and your body language. You may have learned of the work of Albert Mehrabian who demonstrated that your message is communicated with words comprising of 7%, while your tone of voice is 38% and your body language conveys 55%.

Are you giving off the impression of confidence to others when you first meet them, when you're networking or when you're having a conversation? What about when you're communicating either verbally or in writing? What you say and how you say it will give others an impression of you.

Also, whether you're fully present in the moment. If you're at an event with others, are you fully there? Or, are you thinking about what you have to do next? Perhaps, you're thinking about something that happened in the past? Being fully present and engaged in the moment will give people an impression of you as well. People genuinely want to be seen and know that they are important. So, be present in the moment. Pay attention to the people around you.

Recently, I've noticed some language that is slipping into our everyday conversations. I'd like you to remove these two phrases that may be slipping into your everyday language. You may or may not even be aware of them. 

If you're looking to portray confidence and be seen as an expert in your business, then completely delete these two phrases.

"Kind of..." and "Sort of..." 

Here's what I mean. If you hear yourself saying: "Well, my service is kind of like..." or you may say "You'll get results, sort of like...." then you need to delete these two phrases from your vocabulary.

Of course, there may be times when you need to use these phrases. I want you to be deliberate in how you use these phrases. Allowing them to slip in without your awareness is not being deliberate and can make you appear less confident and knowledgeable to others.

Portray confident by being fully present and deliberate in your word choices. It's a simple formula really. Try it and let me know how it goes.

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