Adapting Proactively

This is the third part in the serious of Leaderology | Insightful Leadership & Effective Communication

I've written about ghSmart’s CEO Genome Project where they studied the behaviours of 17,000 successful C-Suite executives and identified 4 behaviours of successful leaders in my blogs on Being a Leader and Engaging For Impact.

The CEO Genome Project identified these as the four (4) behaviours of successful leaders.

  1. Decide with Speed & Conviction
  2. Engage for Impact
  3. Adapt Proactively
  4. Deliver Reliably

Today, I’m going to focus on the third behaviour of successful leaders: Adapting Proactively. First, what does it mean to adapt proactively?

According to Dominic Barton, global managing partner of McKinsey & Company, “It’s dealing with situations that are not in the playbook. As a CEO you are constantly faced with situations where a playbook simply cannot exist.”

  • How is this beneficial to you as a leader?
  • How effective will you be when you're able to proactively adapt to the changes all around you?
  • How will this empower you to meet and exceed the needs of your current and potential clients and your employees?
  • How will this type of thinking change your business?

As a leader, it’s imperative to be constantly aware of the environment, the market conditions in a broad context, not just what is affecting your world today.

Did you find this information helpful? How will you adapt proactively from now on?

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Delivering Reliably

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