Delivering Reliably

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I've written about ghSmart’s CEO Genome Project where they studied the behaviours of 17,000 successful C-Suite executives and identified 4 behaviours of successful leaders in my blogs on Being a LeaderEngaging For Impact and Adapting Proactively

The CEO Genome Project identified these as the four (4) behaviours of successful leaders.

  1. Decide with Speed & Conviction
  2. Engage for Impact
  3. Adapt Proactively
  4. Deliver Reliably

This week, I'm going to talk about delivering reliably. This is about consistently and repeatedly producing results and it's also about following through on your commitments. 

While this topic appears to be the easiest concept to grasp, I do see people often let this one slide the most. It starts by sliding a commitment to meet someone on time, then a deadline is missed by just a few minutes or hours, then a meeting is canceled at the last minute and the list goes on.

Commitment is so important to me that I made it a value in my Pinkpreneurs group. There have been times when I'm the only one at a meeting (it's only happened once) but I still show up because I've committed to being where I said I would be.

I also make sure that my clients get the results they wanted or we keep working until they have achieved their goals. 

Ask yourself if you're delivering reliably? Can your employees and clients expect consistent results from you? Do you show up when you say you'll be there?

You're a leader. People are watching what you do and what you say. Deliver reliably and consistently. It matters.

Did you find this information helpful? What is one thing that you'll change today to deliver reliably?

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