Here Be Dragons

Can you remember a time when you started something new? Was it a new business, or a new project, was it launching a new product or service?

When you start something new, have you felt trepidation?

Have you heard yourself say some pretty mean things to yourself?

Have you visualized yourself failing horribly?

Guess what? You're completely normal. It's a human trait. You've come by it honestly.

In ancient times, the cartographers who created maps would write "Here Be Dragons" in the unexplored areas. I looked it up on Wikipedia and found this explanation:

Here be dragons means dangerous or unexplored territories, in imitation of a medieval practice of putting illustrations of dragons, sea-monsters and other mythological creatures on uncharted areas of maps.
— Wikipedia

So, it's just the dragons that you're experiencing. That completely normal and healthy concern about the unknown. Just keep taking steps towards your goals and the worry and mean things and negative thoughts will soon be replaced with joy of success and accomplishment.

If these feelings don't disappear and you're completely stuck and not moving forward, then we need to connect. I have coached many people to overcome their fear, anxiety and trauma. 

You don't need to live with dragons anymore. Did you find this information helpful? If you found this information helpful and you’re interested in discovering how you can overcome your dragons, then book a Clarity Session with me.

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