Smashing Nines

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You can’t have both.
— Brene Brown

This week I chose courage. I can tell you there was nothing comfortable, at first, about going golfing for me. I’ve never golfed before. As I was getting ready to attend the Smashing Nines event that Fareen (Far) Samji was hosting, I was feeling very nervous.

I had no idea there were so many rules about golf.

First, I asked my friend if I could borrow her golf clubs. At the time, she was planning on attending the event and going with me, so her answer was no. I remember being a bit shocked that she was being so rude. She simply told me that if she was golfing as well, even if we were in the same cart, we couldn’t use the same clubs. It was a golfing rule.

Then, I discovered that I would need to wear a shirt with a collar. I don’t have any shirts with collars at all. Good thing my husband has a bunch of golf shirts as he wears them to work every day. Apparently, having a shirt with a collar is another golf rule.

Continuing with the theme of attire, I started to wonder what kind of shoes I would need to wear. What are the rules about shoes? Thank goodness, we were informed that we could wear running shoes. I have those! I chose my black ones to match my all black ensemble. I wondered if I could wear my fabulous pink baseball cap. I didn’t even ask. I just did. I know, you’re thinking, I’m a huge rebel now, right?

I arrived on time and was immediately surprised and delighted to discover that my friend Rachell was already there and she has lots of golf experience. I was also very kindly welcomed by the hostess, Far. I started to feel like I could slide more into a comfortable place and could leave my courage.

Until I realized I had to golf!

In my concern about what to wear and how to get my hands on some golf clubs, I had pushed away thoughts about actually having to golf for the very first time in front of 50 people. I clearly needed to choose courage again.

Rachell & I headed out to the Driving Range and met the golf pro Diane. She was very patient and led me through a quick lesson. She assured me that after 10 swings I would hit that ball. She was right!!! It didn’t take long at all. I was beginning to feel more comfortable again.

We then had a great lesson from Far. As the five-time ILDC Canadian Women’s Long Drive Champion (2012-2016), she made it look so easy. I started to feel even more comfortable.

Then we were in the carts and heading towards to course. Thank goodness Rachell knew how to drive that cart.

We met the other two ladies in our foursome. Two of us had never golfed before and the other two had lots of experience. I was feeling even more comfortable.

As the morning progressed, I felt more and more comfortable. I learned the rules of where to stand, when to speak and when not to speak, where to walk and where to park the carts.

I started to use my training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to model exactly how the two women who had more experience held the club, positioned their bodies and heads.

I’m happy to share with you that I sunk that ball into the cup the very first time I held the putter. I know that I was successful, because I modeled exactly how Katie did it right before me.

By the end of the morning, I felt more comfortable on the golf course. I was connected to the other women in the group and felt that I knew them better than I could ever get to know them in a networking setting. There is a deeper connection after a shared experience like golfing.

You guessed it. I’m now hooked on golfing. I’m going to be out there again. Let me know if you want to go golfing! I found my comfort level on the golf course.

Thank you to Far for creating the Smashing Nines event. This was an incredible experience and I’m delighted that I chose courage over comfort.

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