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Decide Commit Focus Action

I believe that the key to your success is encapsulated in these four words. It’s a simple formula, really.

First, you need to decide what you want.

Then, commit to what you want.

Focus on what you want.

Finally, take action towards what you want.

I love simple formulas that are easy to follow, don’t you?

These steps, taken in this order have brought me success in my coaching & training business and have been the key to success for my clients.

Today, I’m going to focus more on the last word of this simple formula and share with you a tool that I discovered almost two years ago.

It’s called an Action Board.

This is the third installment of my three-part series on Boards.

First, I told you about the Success Board.

Last week, I talked about the Visualization Board.

Today, we’ll wrap it up with the Action Board.

I keep my Action Board in front of me in my office. Here’s a short video about creating an Action Board:

My action board continually reminds me of the actions I need to be taking to attract clients, to focus on their needs and what they are seeking and to take action towards my goals every single day.

You see, I used to get lost every morning when I started each day in my office. I started each day wondering what I needed to do first.

I used to get lost in overwhelm and the “busy-ness” of each day.

I used to get stuck in reactive mode 90% of each day. I was responding to other people’s needs and requests instead of taking action towards growing my business.

With the Action Board, my focus is now laser sharp and I start each day ready to go and knowing that I’m doing all that I can to grow my business in the direction I desire.

The Action Board reduces inertia, doubt and overwhelm.


When you have a clear direction and idea about the actions you need to take each and every day, this eliminates the time that you may be wasting wondering where to start first each day.

When you are constantly taking action, it will build your confidence and momentum towards reaching your goals.

When you’re consistently taking action, then there is no room for doubt and overwhelm. You’ll easily course correct when needed and keep moving.

So, create your Action Board today.

Together with your Success Board and your Visualization Board, your Action Board will set you up for Success & Clarity in your business.

If you’d like to know more about creating an Action Board, set up a Clarity Session with me.

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