Clean Up Your Language

Pay attention to the words you use to describe yourself, your life and your business.

  • What are you saying to yourself constantly?

  • How do you describe yourself to others?

  • What is it that you say regularly without even thinking about it?

These are the thoughts that you will believe and become. Because you are programming your unconscious mind with these thoughts.

Your words don’t define your world, your words create your world. Your words, especially when infused with a strong emotion, become programs that run automatically in your unconscious mind.

This is the basis of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

So, be very aware of the language you use when you speak to yourself and to others. 

Here are some words to release from your vocabulary:



Have to


Here’s a great acronym for “I can’t” – “I certainly am not trying”. 

Pay attention to how often you say one of these phrases. “I can’t afford it” or “I can’t do that”.  Now, change the “can’t” to “I certainly am not trying”.

Think about the phrase “I can’t afford it”.  What a debilitating statement that is. 

While you may not have the money freed up at that particular moment to buy something, instead of automatically saying “I can’t afford it”, try instead “I choose not to purchase that right now”. 

Can you feel the difference in the energy of those two statements?  One is empowering while the other one is self-defeating and a bit sad really.  I encourage you to choose empowering statements over the other negative ones. 


Did you know that “should” is a shame word? You may use it when you know better, when it’s something you must do, but don’t really want to do. 

Even worse is when you “should” on someone else.  Have you ever told someone what they should or shouldn’t be doing?  Oftentimes people will react negatively as soon when you say “You should do this or do that”.  When you use should you are judging the other person and finding them lacking.  Who wants that?  Do you use the word “should”?  Listen for it and next time choose more empowering language.

Have To:

Here’s another phrase that gives away your power. 

When you say “I have to”, you’re behaving like you’d really prefer to do something else.  Focus on the positive outcome of doing a task that you don’t enjoy.  For me, I really don’t like cleaning.  However, I love a clean home.  So instead of saying “I have to clean the house”, choose to say instead “I love having a clean home and as soon as I start cleaning, the sooner my home will sparkle. 

Who doesn’t love some sparkle in your life?

So, first listen for every time you say “Can’t, Should or Have to” and choose instead more encouraging and empowering language. 

Instead of

“I can’t” say “I choose”;

“Should” say “I will” or “I choose” or “you could”

“Have to” say “I want to”

Focus on the positive and choose language that empowers you. 

Remember, what you focus on and what you say to yourself you will create. 

As Oprah Winfrey says: “You don't become what you want. You become what you believe

So believe in yourself and use positive, empowering language for your success.

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