Pay Attention to Your Words

When presenting your business, your products and services, are you paying attention to each word that is coming out of your mouth?

Did you know that over use of what I call “Filler Words” can actually decrease your perceived expertise and take away your power?

Are you aware of the filler words that you may be using in your everyday communication?

These filler words can be quite distracting to your listener as well.

Here is an example of what I mean by filler words: “Sort of”, “Kind of”, “You know” and “Ummmmm”.

Recently, I was listening to a presentation. The person giving the presentation was extremely passionate about the products they were discussing and kept using the terms “sort of” and “kind of”.

I started to think to myself, if these products are so amazing, then why are they “sort of” or “kind of…” anything?

Do you see how these words can cause doubt in your listener?

I’m reminded of drinking games when someone keeps stating the same phrase or words repeatedly.

If you’re unsure of whether you are using filler words, then record yourself. We all have multiple devices to enable us to do this.

You can also ask a trusted friend or colleague to point them out to you. Gently of course.

Being aware of the filler words you’re using and then making a conscious choice to stop using them will make you a powerful communicator.

You’ll be able to get your message and your passion for your product or service across more effectively.

Get out there and practice standing in your power without the filler words and notice the positive impact you’ll have on your business.

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