Control & Influence

Some days are just darker than others, don’t you think?

As I write this today, it’s snowing out, it’s gloomy and the world is turning whiter and whiter as the snow is sticking to the trees, the grass, and the rooftops. It’s everywhere.

I expect this kind of weather several months ago and even several weeks ago. Not now though. Not in the middle of April.

Yes, I do realize that it’s not as bad as the horrible snow and ice storm we had this time last year. I just want winter to be over. After all, it’s technically been Spring for weeks now.

I could spend my time and energy going deeper and deeper into despair or I could change my focus and think about the gorgeous weather we had on Saturday. It was sunny and warm and made me so happy.

I could also think about the fact that we’re getting closer to warmer and brighter days ahead and that the forecast is calling for much warmer weather later in the week.

Here’s the thing, we can’t change the weather where we are in this moment can we?

I can change how I choose to look at it though.

Besides, if I really want to change the weather, I could choose to live in a different place where there is no snow in April. Or, I could choose to go on a trip to Mexico every April, so I don’t have to see the snow in April. There are ways to change my situation.

While I can’t control the weather outside right now, I can control my thinking and how it affects me.

I was first introduced to the concept of Circle of Influence & Control in the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey which I read over 20 years ago. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it.

Here’s an overview of the Circle of Influence & Control if it’s new to you. On a piece of paper draw a circle and then draw another circle around it. In the smaller circle, write “Control” and the larger circle, write “Influence”.

Going up to my example of weather, we can agree that I cannot control the weather outside my home today at this moment, right?

I can, however, influence the weather by getting in my car and driving further south to where it is warmer and perhaps only raining. Or, I may get lucky and drive out of the snow storm and arrive in a sunny place. I’ll only know if I try, right?

Just like I can’t control the weather, I can influence it by changing my location.

This applies to you in your life, your business, your relationships, your family, your community. Everything & everywhere.

You can control what you focus on and how you respond to what is happening around you. You can influence your surroundings by making changes and taking action.

So, focus on what you want. Focus on the positive aspects all around you. Expand your circle of influence and let go of the need to control everything.

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