The KLT Factor

I first heard the term “KLT Factor” in 2011 when I was starting my coaching & mentoring business.

When I first discovered the meaning of the term, it made a lot of sense and I started teaching it to my clients so that they could market themselves easily and effectively.

It was a simple concept, right?

Make sure people KNOW you, encourage them to LIKE you and then they’ll TRUST you. Simple.

Well, after years of mentoring clients to grow their business and increase their revenue, I’m gonna tell you, there’s SO MUCH more to this simple concept.

Let’s delve into this concept more:


Your ideal clients need to know you, yes and they also need to…

  • Know what you do

  • Know the value of what you do

  • Know that they are in pain and need your services or products

  • Know that you have the solution they are seeking

After they KNOW you, then they will move on to LIKE


Your ideal clients need to like you, absolutely, and they also need to…

  • Like what you do

  • Like the value of what you offer

  • Like what you’re saying

  • Like how you’re behaving

  • Like what you have

  • Are Like you

  • Like where you are now and want something similar

When you have all of the components of both the KNOW and the LIKE, then and only then, will they begin - just begin - to TRUST you.

Whew! There is SO MUCH MORE to this simple KLT Factor, isn’t there?

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