Stand Out

I’ve been searching for a better way to describe my services for a while now.

I was at a networking event several months ago and met a woman who got me thinking. When I told her that I was a Clarity Coach, she kindly told me that she had met so many coaches that day. I spent some time after that attempting to find a different name for myself and went through a bunch of ideas.

Finally, I decided to just keep the title of Clarity Coach, even though I was no longer truly connecting with the title.

You see, I had just ordered new business cards and all my online marketing was about me being a Clarity Coach.

It worked, so I left it.

Last month, I attended an event with a gentleman who has been very successful in his business. When I asked him what I could do to improve myself and my business. He turned to me and said, “Stop calling yourself a Coach and be different.”

I felt that in my core. It was something I had been thinking about already.

So, after thinking about it again. I realized that I’m passionate about two things.

  1. I’ve studied positive mindset since 1992 when I first attended courses and events hosted by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Brian Tracey and Tom Hopkins to name a few. Eventually I moved on to learning from Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Esther & Jerry Hicks and many others.

  2. As I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs and leaders for over 8 years now, I can move to the title of mentor.

As a result, I’ve changed my title from Clarity Coach to Mindset Mentor.

I still offer the same coaching & training services. I truly believe in the coaching process because it’s worked for myself and my clients. What I do and how I do it hasn’t changed. Just my title.

If you are searching for a way to be different and have your potential client lean in and ask more questions about you and your business, then consider changing your title to be more thought provoking and descriptive.

Here are some questions for you to consider.

  1. Are you setting yourself apart?

  2. How are you different?

  3. Are you lost in the sea of sameness and calling yourself a title that hundreds or thousands of others do as well?

  4. What have you always been passionate about?

You’ll find clues in your current marketing materials and what’s important to you.

Dig in and explore.

Be different. Stand out!

After all, Dr. Seuss, said it best.

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out?
— Dr. Seuss

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