Are You The Star of Your Life?

For years, I was very dedicated to taking pictures, having them processed and diligently putting them into photo albums. I did this for 20 years. So, you can probably imagine how many photo albums and pictures I have right? Well I have about 15 albums in total.

Over the weekend, my sister mentioned that she has taken her pictures out of albums and placed them into a photo box with tabs. This made so much sense to me as my photo albums take up too much space.

Yesterday I went through 3 albums and started pulling out the photos.

I came to the startling realization that before my first marriage, I was in many of the photos and clearly the “star of my life”. After my abusive marriage ended, I was no longer in the pictures. I could see that I was staying invisible by documented everything around me, but not joining in. I was no longer the star of my life.

In short, I was invisible for nearly 20 years.

This realization brought me to tears. I started to sob for the 20 years of life that I merely existed.

I’m so glad that I am back to being the star of my life and enjoying each and every moment.

This experience has inspired me to ask you if you’re being the star of your life or if you’re feeling invisible and an observer?

I wrote about some of the thoughts that you may be thinking. Have you ever experienced one of the following thoughts or beliefs?

  • Who am I to have a successful business?

  • What do I know that will make a difference in the world?

  • I don’t believe I can do this

  • I don’t want to charge for my services

  • I have no idea how to get out of where I am today

  • I don’t have a clear vision of what I want

  • If I just keep making sacrifices, life will get better

  • I fear conflict and won’t stand up for myself

  • I have tolerated being bullied or abused

  • I’m invisible

  • I feel like a fraud

  • I feel like a failure

  • I must be nice, so I don’t get angry

  • Strong women don’t ask for help

If you’ve had one or more of these thoughts swirl through your head, and you’re feeling like an observer in your life, then it’s time for us to connect. I see the potential in you and know that it’s so much better being the star of your life.

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Are You Invisible or Invincible?

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