Do You Know Daisy?

I’d like you to meet Daisy.

Daisy has been a service-based entrepreneur for a couple of years.

She is a heart centered entrepreneur who loves to help others.

Daisy has enjoyed some success in her business and is now struggling as she’s hit a glass ceiling in her revenue generating efforts. She can’t seem to break through that glass ceiling and reach her goal.

Until now, she has believed that she is successful in her business because she is making just enough money to cover her expenses. However, she is now seeing her debt increasing as she sometimes doesn’t make enough money each month.

She gives away her time and charges too little for her services.

She knows that she is giving away her power and does it because she feels unworthy or worthless. She doesn’t feel valuable.

Some days she just feels like a fraud.

Daisy doesn’t believe in herself and is terrified about moving forward in her business. What if she is found out? What will people say? What if she can’t do what her clients pay her for?  

Daisy has experienced abuse from a loved one in her past. She was abused by someone she trusted, someone who was there to protect her and instead broke her trust, her confidence and brought her shame.

Today, Daisy is stuck.

She is not seeing the results she used to see in her business. She is watching others around her succeed with ease, while she wonders how they are doing it.

She is slowly sinking in a pile of debt and doubt and the darkness is starting to swallow her whole.

Daisy always puts on a happy face, while inside she is a quivering mass of fear.

She hides her doubts, her debt and her fears from the world.

She is wondering why her tried and true methods are no longer working for her.

She is searching for the answer. She loves to take courses and learn all that she can about herself so that she can improve herself and help others more.

She is desperate to get out of this darkness.

Daisy hides behind her cloak of invisibility. It kept her safe when she was being abused and traumatized. This is why when life gets difficult, she goes back into hiding and being invisible.

She likes the safety of being invisible. It’s her protection. It keeps others from seeing her doubts, her fears, her desperation.

Daisy is ready, really, really, really ready to move forward to take the next step to become the expert and leader that she knows is inside her just waiting to get out and shine her light in the world.

Daisy is willing to step out of her comfort zone as it is now too painful for her to stay there.

She is desperate to feel confident and successful. She knows deep in her soul that she can create the life and business she wants. She is searching for the answer to what is wrong with her.

She wants to love herself; she wants to create a successful and prosperous service business that will feed her soul and her dream lifestyle. She wants to travel, spend time at the spa, and enjoy time with family and friends in nice restaurants.

Daisy has been doing what is expected of her all her life, she has been hiding behind different masks and now wants to show the whole world who she really is.

She knows she is meant for greatness. She knows that it is her destiny to walk confidently into every situation and light the path for others.

Daisy is a strong woman who is desperately searching to feel whole, worthy and valued.

How can I describe this woman in such detail? Well, this is a compilation of what my past clients went through before we met.

Today, all of these negative emotions and limiting decisions are in their past.

Today, they have all I have broken through that glass ceiling.

Today, they all feel powerful, worthy and valued.

Today, they all feel confident in themselves and their abilities.

Today, they know that they are worthy and valuable deep down in their core.

Today, each and every one of my clients have grown their business.

They have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their revenue.

Because I lived in this dark place for too long and struggled for years to find the answers, I now have the tools, techniques, ability and wisdom to move clients from this dark place to success, confidence, clarity and increased revenue.

Do you recognize any of these aspects of Daisy in your own life?

If you see any part of you in Daisy’s story, let’s talk. It’s time you stepped into your full potential and live your dreams.

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