Connect to Your Genius

Do you want to love what you do in your business every single moment?

Are you interested in learning how you can earn more and feel energized doing it?

Experts report that you’ll earn 80% of your revenue when you spend the majority of your time on tasks that are in your Unique Genius quadrant and 20% in your Excellence quadrant.

And, you’ll love your work and the people you work with even more.

Here are the four quadrants.

Take a look and determine where you’re spending the majority of your time. If you’re not yet making the revenue you know you’re capable of earning, then you may find that you’re not operating in your zone of genius.

Incompetence: These are tasks that you put off and really don’t like doing them. In fact, pretty much anyone else does it better than you do. You just can’t get it right, frankly, you really suck at it, it gets done last, if it gets done at all, you’d do anything and give anything (within reason) to not do it.

Competence: You can do these tasks, but you often put them off as you don’t enjoy them. You can do it, but you procrastinate about doing it, others do it better than you, it takes you longer than others to complete it, it drains your energy and sucks you dry, you often compare it to food you dislike

Excellence: People often tell you how talented you are at these activities, but you don’t have a great passion for these tasks. You’re really good at this, after doing it all day, you feel a bit drained, you enjoy it sometimes, not always, you do it better than most people, not everyone

Unique Genius: This is the area that you are recognized for your genius. These tasks come very easily to you and you do them well naturally. You’re passionate about these tasks. You’re in flow and time flies by, this is easy for you, people compliment you and are in awe, you feel energized and fulfilled and you’d do it for free all day long.

Ask yourself, where are you spending the majority of your time and energy?

If you’d like to know more about how to get into your zone of genius, set up a Clarity Session with me.

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