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Past clients of Success & Clarity have shared that they have increased their yearly gross income exponentially. Several clients have almost tripled their income.

What difference will you make in the world if your gross income increased by as much as 365%?


Success Stories


Before taking Unleashing Your Potential | The Secrets to Being Invincible with Suzanne Longstreet, I didn’t have any specific expectations of what I wanted to leave with. I was open to learning. From the course, I discovered that I’m already well on my path to unleashing my potential, however, past experiences and behaviours are barriers to my success. As a result of this workshop, I realized that I’ve allowed limiting beliefs to hinder my progress. I haven’t shared enough about my business practice. Talking about myself is uncomfortable, I’d rather focus on others. My advice for those thinking of taking this workshop with Suzanne is to come in open, ready and willing to look within and grow. I’ve had great insight in just a few hours to launch me forward right now, that has taken me years to try and figure out myself and couldn’t. I’m leaving today with many new opportunities I didn’t see I had before. I will say it the way I want it moving forward. Thank you Suzanne. This allows me to better serve all people I encounter.

— Ida tetlock, Smart organizing

Before attending NLP Mastery, I was seeking knowledge in how to become financially solvent. My businesses were making money and I recognized that both were at risk of stalling. That meant that I would be in a place that required drastic panic measures, more debt and now way to see the light. While at the training, I received the tools, skills and knowledge to go back and implement in my businesses. Now I have the motivation to actively go out and make more money and the energy to sustain momentum.

My advice for those thinking of attending this training is to invest in this course to elevate your perspective in how you can get out of your own way to achieve your dreams. 

— julie creighton, master coach

Before coaching with Suzanne, I felt really insecure about my abilities. I had very low confidence and self esteem. 
During the coaching, I discovered I have everything that I need to succeed and I don’t need to change anything about myself.  Coaching with Suzanne is like taking your laptop to the computer technician. She gets you up and running again and cleans out all the clutter that is slowing you down. As a result, I am now moving confidently towards what I want in my life and my business. I’m excited to invite people into my space as I settle into my new home and life.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to just go ahead and do it! Making this investment in yourself is going to bring you the confidence to move forward and realize the dreams you have for your life really can come true. It is going to pay off in more ways than you ever thought possible. Suzanne will help you set free the amazing person that is hiding inside. She has the key to unlock the chains that are holding you back.

— sandra Lynn Baker, revive your life

Before attending the NLP FasTRAK Training with Suzanne Longstreet I didn’t realize the impact of my self talk. From this course, I discovered the power of looking towards a focus to results and how my language and vision impacts that. As a result, I am expecting my new clarity to make a difference in the number of clients and income I earn.

My advice for those thinking of taking this course with Suzanne Longstreet absolutely participate if you are seeking clarity about yourself and your relationship.

— janet holmes


Before coaching with Suzanne, I was frustrated and dealing with some past negative experiences that were affecting my emotions and spilling over into my business results.  During the coaching, I discovered that I was scared to try to change. Once I made the decision and went through the process and moved forward with Suzanne’s guidance and really listened, things changed. I also found that the stupid stuff that used to really bother me was no longer bothering me. I let go of all of the blocks that I had built up around me.  As a result, I am so much happier with myself and in my life. I know that I’ve changed and I now deal with people and things much differently and more calmly than before. I have grown exponentially in my personal life which has resulted in continuing to grow my already successful business to the next level. 

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to PLEASE just do it! Listen to her! It works! 

— heba ahmed malki, domilya Group

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was depressed, anxious, in physical pain and had no clear vision of what I wanted or where I was going. I was in survival mode.

During the coaching, I discovered that there is nothing wrong with me or the sum of my experiences to date and that I could use that knowledge from my experiences with the new strategies Suzanne taught me to charge forward in exciting ways.

As a result, I am putting my vision for my life on track and regularly assessing where I’m at. Everyone at work has been commenting on how I look and my new enthusiasm/success. I’m 100% committed to the great life I have planned and will be able to increase my job standing and salary based on achieving these goals.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is don’t think about it!! Just do it!! You deserve this kind of success and happiness.

It’s magical!

-Lisa Gillis

Before coaching with Suzanne, I felt angry and lost with solutions to some family and business issues. One thing would hold me back from another and when the wrong person would contact me, and it would impact me at the wrong time. During the coaching, I discovered how to deal with anger, that anger is ok and most people do not deal with anger well. This applies and impacts my life in many ways. It is definitely time to clean it up and become a better, more controlled person.  As a result, of coaching with Suzanne, revenue has grown and we have seen many new opportunities arise. There is a lot enthusiasm and we are taking things to the next level by removing some people, adding new ones and placing people in defined roles.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to go in with an open mind. You can address many issues just by listening and following through on what she is bringing to you.

— Mark Chyz, CM2Media

Before attending NLP Mastery I was doing okay in my business; doing terrible when it came to taking care of myself; and feeling like my family bonds were breaking. That meant I was faking my happiness in my life. While at the training, I received insights on how to better serve my clients; my family; and most important ~ myself! Now I am confident that I am already succeeding at reaching my goals and know that I have the tools and support to achieve them even more effectively & efficiently. My advice for those thinking of attending this training is to just jump in with both feet; with your whole body, mind, emotions and spirit. Play 100%.

— Lisa reaume, Biz energizer