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Past clients of Success & Clarity share their results.

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Success Stories


Before coaching with Suzanne, I was frustrated and dealing with some past negative experiences that were affecting my emotions and spilling over into my business results. 

During the coaching, I discovered that I was scared to try to change. Once I made the decision and went through the process and moved forward with Suzanne’s guidance and really listened, things changed. I also found that the stupid stuff that used to really bother me was no longer bothering me. I let go of all of the blocks that I had built up around me.

As a result, I am so much happier with myself and in my life. I know that I’ve changed and I now deal with people and things much differently and more calmly than before. I have grown exponentially in my personal life which has resulted in continuing to grow my already successful business to the next level. 

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to PLEASE just do it! Listen to her! It works! 

Heba Cropped.jpg

— heba ahmed malki, domilya Group

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was depressed, anxious, in physical pain and had no clear vision of what I wanted or where I was going. I was in survival mode.

During the coaching, I discovered that there is nothing wrong with me or the sum of my experiences to date and that I could use that knowledge from my experiences with the new strategies Suzanne taught me to charge forward in exciting ways.

As a result, I am putting my vision for my life on track and regularly assessing where I’m at. Everyone at work has been commenting on how I look and my new enthusiasm/success.

I’m 100% committed to the great life I have planned and will be able to increase my job standing and salary based on achieving these goals.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is don’t think about it!! Just do it!! You deserve this kind of success and happiness.

It’s magical!

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-Lisa Gillis

Before coaching with Suzanne, I had recently retired from a 33-year career at an organization, was grieving the loss of my mother and close mentors and was struggling with finding my new purpose and direction. I also wanted to lose weight and was interested in finding a partner to share my life with. I was stuck.

During the coaching, I discovered a great deal about myself, events that happened in my past that affected my behaviour, and that I have emotions which I have been suppressing or eating. Suzanne provided the tools and techniques to address this.

As a result, I created a health plan that has resulted in a loss of 15 lbs, I’m tracking my food intake and emotions. I am more decisive. I’m aware of the language I use, committed and focused on taking action.

My self-esteem is high and am actively looking forward to finding a loving relationship. I have started a consulting business and am volunteering for an organization that I am passionate about.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is invest in yourself – you’re worth it.

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— Laurie Nicol, LEN Strategy