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Past clients of Success & Clarity have shared that they have increased their yearly gross income exponentially. Several clients have tripled their income.

What difference will you make in the world if your gross income increased by as much as 365%?


Success Stories


Before attending NLP FasTRAK Master Practitioner Training with Suzanne Longstreet, my objective was to learn how to implement the strategies and techniques in my business practice. From the course, I discovered that I needed to surrender to the process myself to experience the incredible release and transformation! I am feeling excited about moving forward in every aspect of my life and work!

As a result, I expect to see with clarity the abundance of opportunity to guide my clients through creating long lasting positive change once their negative emotions and limiting beliefs are cleared and resulting in restored order in their lives. My advice for those considering the NLP training is to ask yourself what are you waiting for? It was truly transformative for me.

— Ida tetlock, Smart organizing & Property Management

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was depressed, anxious, in physical pain and had no clear vision of what I wanted or where I was going. I was in survival mode.

During the coaching, I discovered that there is nothing wrong with me or the sum of my experiences to date and that I could use that knowledge from my experiences with the new strategies Suzanne taught me to charge forward in exciting ways.

As a result, I am putting my vision for my life on track and regularly assessing where I’m at. Everyone at work has been commenting on how I look and my new enthusiasm/success. I’m 100% committed to the great life I have planned and will be able to increase my job standing and salary based on achieving these goals.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is don’t think about it!! Just do it!! You deserve this kind of success and happiness.

It’s magical!

-Lisa Gillis

Before coaching with Suzanne, I had recently retired from a 33-year career at an organization, was grieving the loss of my mother and close mentors and was struggling with finding my new purpose and direction. I also wanted to lose weight and was interested in finding a partner to share my life with. I was stuck.

During the coaching, I discovered a great deal about myself, events that happened in my past that affected my behaviour, and that I have emotions which I have been suppressing or eating. Suzanne provided the tools and techniques to address this.

As a result, I created a health plan that has resulted in a loss of 15 lbs, I’m tracking my food intake and emotions. I am more decisive. I’m aware of the language I use, committed and focused on taking action. My self-esteem is high and am actively looking forward to finding a loving relationship. I have started a consulting business and am volunteering for an organization that I am passionate about.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is invest in yourself – you’re worth it.

— Laurie Nicol, LEN Strategy

Before attending the NLP FasTRAK Master Practitioner Training with Suzanne Longstreet and after my Prac course, my personal life and business took incredible transformational leaps. However, there were several key elements that felt disconnected in me. What brought me to Master Prac specifically was the knowledge that the manifestation of my income was not a match to my potential and that there was something unknown to me that was stopping me. I discovered exactly what that was and so much more! I am in awe of the realization that couldn’t have discovered on my own. It would have taken me another 5 years of being stuck. As a result I expect to see an undeniable increase in my production of artwork and events to share with my community. Various creative workshops created by me generating wealth for others and myself. Some of the best years in my marriage and continuous loving growth. I’m so excited!

My advice for those thinking of taking this course with Suzanne Longstreet is to take a look at the amount of time that you have spent trying to figure all of this out by yourself and ask yourself if you are ready to STOP trying and GO courageously into doing. Words cannot capture the lifetime gifts Suzanne gave me in just 2 short weeks. This will completely change the course of my life for the highest good.

— Alejandra diaz mercado chavez, Fitness Consultant


Before coaching with Suzanne, I was frustrated and dealing with some past negative experiences that were affecting my emotions and spilling over into my business results.  During the coaching, I discovered that I was scared to try to change. Once I made the decision and went through the process and moved forward with Suzanne’s guidance and really listened, things changed. I also found that the stupid stuff that used to really bother me was no longer bothering me. I let go of all of the blocks that I had built up around me.  As a result, I am so much happier with myself and in my life. I know that I’ve changed and I now deal with people and things much differently and more calmly than before. I have grown exponentially in my personal life which has resulted in continuing to grow my already successful business to the next level. 

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to PLEASE just do it! Listen to her! It works! 

— heba ahmed malki, domilya Group

Before attending NLP FasTRAK Master Practitioner Training with Suzanne Longstreet, I was uncertain about many decisions in my life to the point where I was stuck and felt powerless. I discovered I have all the beautiful resources within me! And, I have a gift in sharing these learning of NLP tools to help others! I expect to see congruent mind, body and soul connection where I’m super aware of the thoughts, emotions and feelings I’m experiencing so that I can use my inner guide and resources to serve myself & others!

Suzanne is very talented in moving you through your stuff and teaching you how to achieve breakthrough results in the class and have a full set of mastery tools and loving and supportive colleagues to go out and serve in the world!

-Sandi browne

Before coaching with Suzanne, I felt angry and lost with solutions to some family and business issues. One thing would hold me back from another and when the wrong person would contact me, and it would impact me at the wrong time. During the coaching, I discovered how to deal with anger, that anger is ok and most people do not deal with anger well. This applies and impacts my life in many ways. It is definitely time to clean it up and become a better, more controlled person.  As a result, of coaching with Suzanne, revenue has grown and we have seen many new opportunities arise. There is a lot enthusiasm and we are taking things to the next level by removing some people, adding new ones and placing people in defined roles.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to go in with an open mind. You can address many issues just by listening and following through on what she is bringing to you.

— Mark Chyz, CM2Media

Before attending NLP FasTRAK Master Practitioner Training with Suzanne Longstreet, I was full of doubt and just unsure how the aspects of my life fit together. I couldn’t see where my business was truly going. I discovered how out of touch with my feelings and emotions I was and how powerful I am. I have the full ability and am in control. I expect a full complete life integration with my business, family and relationship and I can see my business flourishing as a direct result. My relationship and family life have already improved as all of these connections were made.

This course is absolutely transformational and magical in so many aspects! The best decision I have made.

— Celine Higgins, Results coach