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Hi, I’m Suzanne! I'd love to coach you to increase your self-worth and grow your net worth.

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Hi! I'm Suzanne Longstreet and I'm the Millionaire Maker.

Over the past decade, I’ve coached many six-figure, action oriented female entrepreneurs to blast though their limiting thought patterns, reprogram their minds for success and achieve seven-figure revenues annually.

Through my work, I have empowered many women to break through their own glass ceilings and unlock their full potential. Using a combination of powerful techniques, including Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Positive Intelligence, Quantum Linguistics, and Timeline Therapy TM, I guide clients to reprogram their unconscious minds and overcome the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that hold them back.

Like you, my journey hasn't always been easy. Like so many of us, I have struggled with Imposter Syndrome and the belief that I wasn't good enough. I simply refused to allow these limiting beliefs to hold me back and persevered to discover the best solutions to clear my mindset and now I use my own experiences and learning to become even more powerful in my coaching practice.

Today, the Quantum YOU Experience is changing lives, by facilitating female entrepreneurs across the world to shift their identities, behaviours, and patterns and achieve their desired outcomes.

My clients experience increased focus and clarity, and as a result, they charge more money for their services and confidently attract more clients.

My impact goes far beyond my clients. As a champion of women's empowerment, I am building a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who support each other in their journey to success in the Quantum YOU Experience.

With my commitment to continually evolving and expanding my offerings, I am now poised to guide even more women achieve their dreams in the future.

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Foundations in Applied Neuroscience from KCI (Key Change Institute). KCI (Key Change Institute) offers Neuroscience-based applications to coaching, team performances, and change management at scale which are specifically designed for making difficult change simple.


Positive Intelligence

Certified Positive Intelligence Coach through Positive Intelligence created by Shirzad Chamine.


NLP & Hypnosis

Designated Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)Hypnosis Trainer, Creating Your Future Processes (TM), and NLP Coaching.



Certified Coach with an Individual Coaching Certificate from the Transformational Arts College and a Certified Professional Coaching certificate from Coaches Institute International.


Bachelor of Arts

In combination with these coaching certificates, she also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and a Certificate in Human Resources Management.

About You

You’re intelligent and motivated to change. Seriously, you know that if you could have reached the level of success you know deep down that you can create by yourself, you would be there already.

You’re perfectly normal. There are easier ways to reach your goal that you’re simply not aware of right now. That’s okay.

Whatever challenge you’re experiencing in your business, I know that in a few months from today, you would do pretty much anything to be further along than you are today.

To your peers, colleagues and clients you look like a confident leader and that you’re exactly where you want to be in life and in your business. Only you know that on the inside, you wonder if you’re ever going to be where you want to be and where you know deep in your heart you are meant to be.

In a few months, you’d like to see substantial changes and different results, in both your business and your life.

Stop doing it all alone. It's time for you to release your inner bad ass so that you can make a bigger difference in the world and make more money!


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Suzanne's Mission

Leading & inspiring action oriented six-figure entrepreneurs to connect to your passion, your purpose and your power to ignite your potential and self-worth.

My clients have increased their self-worth and confidence and many have ultimately tripled their revenue.

You can do it too!

Whether you are seeking clarity and confidence or you want to make a difference in the world and transform others by learning the transformational power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis, I have the solution for you.

Caitlin Cogan Doemner

CEO Virtual Coaching Sales

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne - I would highly recommend that you invest in yourself - you won’t recognize yourself after you’re done!

Diane Lam

Founder & CEO, Diane Lam co.

If you actually want to change your life, don’t look any further than Suzanne. I was scared and unsure and worried if it would work for me, but working with Suzanne was easy, it was FAST, and the transformation has been life changing.

Michelle Tresemer

B2B Marketing Consultant & International Speaker 

If you’re feeling stuck or unclear I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with Suzanne.

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