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Helen Birney

Cultivate Health Coaching

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was feeling very stuck in my business and my personal life and cycling over what felt like monumental and impossible decisions.      

During the coaching, I discovered what was in between me and making decisions to get the results I wanted were subconscious beliefs about money and success that had been installed not just in this lifetime, but in generations before me. 

As a result of the coaching, I have been able to make decisions much more easily, with 100% confidence that they will work out. After six months, I was no longer stuck in making important decisions or asking for my worth. I have been able to go from $5,000 month to my first whopping $40,000 month!

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to trust the process!

Suzanne will clear all of your stuck emotions, negativity, and subconscious beliefs that don’t serve you, so you never have to worry if what you’re doing is working for you. Once you believe in yourself, the opportunity is infinite.

If you have an experience like I did, you will at least double, if not QUADRUPLE your monthly income, and most importantly help you find joy in working on your business.  

Nel Shelby

Nel Shelby Productions

When I came to Suzanne I was doing quite well in life. I was working with my long time business coach and my business was expanding even during the pandemic. However, something was nagging at me that I was just not enough and I was very caught up in some issues like getting credit for my work. I run a video production company and felt I was not getting credit where credit was due. When I thought deeply about it, I could tell it was not what people were not doing for me it was me having an inner ego struggle about feeling loveable and worthy. As I began working with Suzanne and digging deep into the core issue, Suzanne helped me discover that I truly did feel unlovable and therefore no matter what anyone did or said it did not matter because I did not feel that love within myself. As we worked together everything began to shift. My business grew from 500K to over 1 million, my team literally grew overnight and became the most loveable team ever. I deepened my relationship with my husband and then the big piece was I learned what boundaries meant to me and I put them in place. I learned that boundaries are loving and a way to communicate and collaborate with grace. The minute I would get on zoom with Suzanne I felt a sense of peace. Suzanne is loving, strong, confident and sees your true self. I will keep going back to her because I get results and learn more about myself in a deep honest way.

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Emma Stratton

Founder & CEO of Punchy

An expert in messaging and positioning for B2B tech companies that are doing big things, Emma is passionate about new ideas that move the world in the right direction.

Before coaching with Suzanne, Emma decided she needed support. She found herself working with a really cool client and right before a workshop with the executive team, she realized she was experiencing more than the healthy nerves before a big client presentation. She realized that she was freaking out and this caused her to dig deeper.

She recognized that she had some self-limiting beliefs around Imposter Syndrome stopping her from charging more and expanding her business. She tried affirmations and visualizations and knew she needed more help to break through that invisible feeling and get to the place she wanted to be in the business.

During the coaching, Emma discovered so much about herself. The coaching helped her to connect the dots between reactions and her emotional responses to all areas of her life and connecting them back to beliefs she set when she was a child. The coaching helped her to get greater context around her behaviours. Amazing to see how her childhood beliefs had a hold over her in her life and business. Loved finding and clearing the original sources of her beliefs so she could see the waterfall of changes that she has experienced today.

As a result of the coaching, Emma has been showing up more in her business. She used to have a lot of fear around visibility. She was terrified of posting on social media and didn’t show up as much as she knew she could. That just went away. Today, she is so fine with posting on social media. The fear went away and she started to believe in herself more. Started to attract bigger ticket clients and really multiply her revenue. She tripled the value of her engagement and invests in herself more today. She has treated herself to hiring a stylist and a new wardrobe as a result of believing in herself more today.

Molly A. Jones

President & CEO, Jones Design Studio, PLLC

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was frustrated. I had been working on my mindset, but something was missing. I didn’t realize that a lot of issues that were lingering in my subconscious that I just couldn’t reach. I knew I needed help. I just wasn’t equipped to change my mindset on my own.

During the coaching, I discovered that I am not controlled by my past or past events – the ones I knew about and ones I couldn’t recall that were driving my behavior. I didn’t know why I was engaged in so much self-sabotage. Through this process, I learned that self-sabotage means that I have some mindset work to be done.

Before coaching with Suzanne, I believed I was broken. Now I know that I am a phoenix, and I am soaring. I’m not just breaking through or rising, I am soaring in my business, my relationship, and my life overall.

As a result of coaching with Suzanne, my outlook on life, business, money, and relationships has shifted significantly. I have achieved my weight loss goal. I experience daily results that confirm my mindset shifts. I have daily experiences where everything is always working in my best interest. Impossible project deadlines get extended. Money just shows up. It is inexplicable and delightful. It feels magical. My business has also experienced a financial uptick. Our first quarter revenue was double that of Q1 2021.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is, don’t wait. Do yourself a huge favor and reach out to her. Doo it now.

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Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana


Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana is an international award-winning optometrist and vision specialist, the innovator of the groundbreaking CogniViision™ “TRAIN the BRAIN not JUST the EYES” protocol. 

Before coaching with Suzanne, Dr. Lorenzana shared that she was feeling stuck. She had been doing so many things to improve as a person, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In her life and in her business.

She didn’t feel like she was getting the return on her investment and thought to herself “What else it there out there?” “Why am I stuck?” “Why is my work not paying off?” “What is going on?”

She was aware of her challenges and didn’t realize that there were additional things that she became aware of during our coaching together. This discovery was truly transformative for her. She was feeling self defeated and left wondering.

Her big aha moment was all the things she wasn’t aware of that were blocking her. Her business has blossomed. She has the confidence now that all she has done is going to get her to her big goals.

She is no longer carrying the big negative emotions and limiting beliefs that were holding her back. She realized that she had been carrying a lot of guilt and couldn’t figure out why or where it was coming from. Recognizing that she was carrying ancestral guilt and other negative emotions that weren’t serving her. From all the work Ingryd has done, the work we did together was the most transformative work she had experienced and allowed all the previous modes of therapy she had done to work even better.

As a result of the transformation, Ingryd has had some tremendous growth and has a new space, her business is continuing to blossom. They were up 30% in the first quarter after working with me. In addition, she feels so invigorated now that all the limiting beliefs are gone.

If you’re ready for change, feeling stuck, if you feel self defeated, then do this coaching. If you’re ready to grow in every aspect of your life, do this.

Diane Lam

Business Empire Builder at Diane Lam

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was doing healing and personal development work around the symptoms of my limiting beliefs. I felt like I had done so much internal work, but I was still holding myself back.

During the coaching, I discovered that I knew I was standing in my own way, but I didn’t realize what my limiting beliefs really were and how deep they ran. After a few sessions with Suzanne, I immediately felt the shift in the stories I would hear playing in my head.

Today, I am more confident and surer of myself than ever before. It’s not just lip service anymore – I know, truly in by body, in my emotions and in my mind, I know that I am worthy and deserving. So, I make bold offers in my business. I went from being scared to offer a package at $2k to packages that are $10k+ because I know I’m worth it. I don’t feel the fear of judgement or rejection anymore. Suzanne has cleared out all that junk. I am more visible than ever before, and I love it.

If you actually want to change your life, then don’t look any further than Suzanne. I was scared and unsure and worried if it would work for me, but working with Suzanne was easy, it was FAST, and the transformation has been life changing.

Amanda Hinman

Hinman Holistic

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was often questioning myself on the actions and direction I was taking in my business.  There was a chronic feeling of uncertainty which made me uneasy.  
During the coaching, I discovered that I had deep patterns of conditioning and a belief that I had to work very hard in order to be successful.  This was affecting my indecision because I struggled with a desire to grow my business and increase my income and impact however was tired of pushing myself so hard.  
As a result of our work together, I have reached a completely new level of peacefulness.  I have been able to tap into greater self-worth and adjusted my business model to create impact and financial abundance all with more peace.  This is happening in a way that feels balanced, calm, and sustainable. In particular, my passive income from all sources has more than doubled in the past 3 months and my business profitability has increased by over 25%.  The best part is my family is seeing my more often!  We just returned from a luxurious vacation where I fully unplugged and came back to accept new clients.  
My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to do it!  You will uncover new layers of possibility and unlock the potential that is within you!

Heba Ahmed Malki

Domilya Group

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was frustrated and dealing with some past negative experiences that were affecting my emotions and spilling over into my business results.

During the coaching, I discovered that I was scared to try to change. Once I made the decision and went through the process and moved forward with Suzanne’s guidance and really listened, things changed. I also found that the stupid stuff that used to really bother me was no longer bothering me. I let go of all of the blocks that I had built up around me.

As a result, I am so much happier with myself and in my life. I know that I’ve changed and I now deal with people and things much differently and more calmly than before. I have grown exponentially in my personal life which has resulted in continuing to grow my already successful business to the next level.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to PLEASE just do it! Listen to her! It works!

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Sue Simmons

Emotional Success Coach at Equinox Family Consulting Ltd


Celine Higgins

Canadian Mouse Trips

Before working with Suzanne, I was suppressing my emotions and living in the “grey zone”. I couldn’t express feelings nor could I feel them properly. I was having a hard time remembering anything from my past. I wasn’t interested in being intimate with my husband. I was zoning out and getting distracted by my phone. I wondered if it was all just related to COVID-19 and if I had just become numb from emotions this past year.

After working with Suzanne, I immediately felt that something had unlocked inside of me and I could see all of my past, the positive and the negative and I could see how different my current situation is today from what happened in my past. I was definitely not expecting the outcome to be me being able to look back on things and actually “see” many, many, things I had locked away and be comfortable “remembering”.

Recently I spent the afternoon purging and cleaned out the hutch in our dining room. I emptied it and got rid of half of the contents. Washed it and put everything back in. I’ve been lacking the motivation to clean this out for years!!!

It feels great to be able see the past for what it was and make these realizations. There are several others that I am remembering as well. Including a few instances in university that I was also forced into things (had suppressed) and completely blamed myself and now can finally see that I actually wasn’t to blame.

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Debbie Duley

Psychotherapist, Founder of Empowered Connections


Michelle Tresemer

Marketing Consultant, Foundations First™ Marketing

A little over a year after working with Suzanne my original issues with money are nearly out of the way. I have paid off over $50,000 in debt which was the original reason I decided to work with Suzanne.

With some of my larger issues out of the way, deeper issues are surfacing but luckily I have Suzanne who helps me work through each one as they arise. New level, new devil…and I’m certainly leveling up.

Every time I do a session with Suzanne I’m always amazed when we discover what the “real issue” is. It’s so easy to think the symptom is the culprit, but once we discover the actual source of the problem it’s just a matter of cleaning it up.

If you’re feeling stuck or unclear I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with Suzanne.

Melinda Heryford

Coach, Consultant & CEO Practice Management Consulting

Before coaching with Suzanne, my mind was habitually turned to “what is wrong”, I was working so hard to get the results I had and many other versions of this type of habitual thinking pattern.

During the NLP coaching, I discovered my bright light and an “all that is possible” state of mind. This is a very different place. I now refer to it as “my beautiful thinking” place. Suzanne has a blueprint to run through negative thoughts, negative memories, “stinking thinking” and stuck areas in our mind. The process of clearing this is efficient, light, and easy. It reminded me that all is possible from this point of view.

I now have new place to hang out in my mind. A place where I know that I can focus, I can direct my thinking to what I want and what is possible. I have new routines to keep me in this Lighter – more possible zone. Suzanne has the blueprint for not only clearing these stuck places and in addition techniques to support staying in this new way of positive thinking and mindset.

This year, I have had my best quarter ever and I credit this to the work I did with Suzanne and the daily habits and techniques she taught me.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to dive in and go for it. As a coach you will find her to be expert at her craft, kind in her coaching and vigilant to stand for you and for your goals.

Lisa Pezik

Speaker, Author, Strategist

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was holding onto a lot of anxiety about an upcoming project which required me to be highly visible and in the public eye. It was bringing up a lot of things that I didn’t know how to release, and I’d done lots of therapy, energy healing, and other modalities.

During the coaching, I discovered how to focus on what I want and how to not dwell in the past. I released the negative thoughts and was not reactive to criticism or feedback about my creative work.

As a result, I am setting boundaries, focusing on my self care, stopped lowering our prices and taking on the wrong clients, raised our prices, and overall, I’m happier, healthier, and excited about my future. I’m kinder to myself and expressing myself more freely.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne: You don’t have to worry about having to re-hash things you don’t want to talk about or that you won’t get what you need, Suzanne will work with you until you do. She genuinely cares. Don’t wait. Just do it.

Lisa Gillis


Before coaching with Suzanne, I was depressed, anxious, in physical pain and had no clear vision of what I wanted or where I was going. I was in survival mode.

During the coaching, I discovered that there is nothing wrong with me or the sum of my experiences to date and that I could use that knowledge from my experiences with the new strategies Suzanne taught me to charge forward in exciting ways.

As a result, I am putting my vision for my life on track and regularly assessing where I’m at. Everyone at work has been commenting on how I look and my new enthusiasm/success.

I’m 100% committed to the great life I have planned and will be able to increase my job standing and salary based on achieving these goals.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is don’t think about it!! Just do it!! You deserve this kind of success and happiness.

It’s magical!

Caitlin Cogan Doemner

CEO Virtual Coaching Sales

Before coaching with Suzanne, I was feeling stuck, unclear on what I wanted. My businesses were stagnant, and I felt disinterested in continuing them.

During the coaching, I discovered my core wounding and the personal belief that drove an endless search for achievement. As a result, my business brought in $90,000 of new business within 90 days of working with Suzanne; I was clear on what I wanted and attracted it easily!

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne - I would highly recommend that you invest in yourself - you won’t recognize yourself after you’re done!

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Gabriele Nicolet

Executive Director & Owner of Speechkids


Grace Miller

Award Winning Author & Marketing Consultant

Before coaching with Suzanne, when something went wrong, my mind went to worst-case-scenarios, and it felt like I had no control over negative thoughts. During the coaching, I discovered that there isn’t a magic process that will change my mindset for me. Instead, I have the power to notice and change my thoughts to focus on all the wonderful possibilities ahead of me. As a result, I no longer spiral at the slightest disappointment. I can definitely tell a difference in my mindset and it’s a huge relief!

Even if I hadn’t seen tangible benefits from working with Suzanne (though I have!), the difference in my mindset alone is well worth any cost. I’ve done all sorts of therapy, but Suzanne is the one who helped me experience real change.

Susan Northrup

Mindset Coach, Choose Into Joy

Before coaching with Suzanne, I'd completed 15+ years of self-development and healing yet when it came to launching my business I kept running into what felt like a brick wall of fear, worry, and imposter syndrome. When I did stop hiding in paralysis analysis and procrastination long enough to make a business connection, I often undercharged or gave my time away.

During the coaching, I was able to finally uninstall the beliefs driving that disproportionate fear and unworthy crap. I gained confidence in ALL areas of my life and was supported to take action after action that reinforced my new understanding of the expertise I offer. As a result, I have twice as many clients and surpassed last year’s income in 4 months. I expect to fill my practice by the end of the year and increase my income by 700%.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to make the investment in you and DO IT!

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