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The  thinking , beliefs and emotions that created your current success won't get you to your future success.

For action-oriented women in established service-based businesses: Clear your thinking, beliefs and emotions so you can easily decide on the future you want for yourself. Then commit, stay focused, take consistent action as you watch your dreams come true.

It can happen for you.

It all starts by clearing the thinking, emotions and beliefs that aren't serving you anymore.

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Feel stuck?

If you’re not achieving your goals, you are running a strategy that is not serving you.

Spinning in circles?

If you feel stuck in fear, worry and anxiety, it’s possible to be calmer and more positive.

Feel like a fraud?

If you feel like an imposter or feel invisible, it doesn’t need to be this way.

It's time for a high performance mindset shift to transform your thoughts,  emotions, beliefs and behaviours.

The challenge female entrepreneurs often face is deeply rooted in self-perception.

Perhaps you grapple with the nagging belief that something might be inherently wrong with you.

This inner dialogue keeps whispering that you’re just not good enough to charge what others in your field confidently do.

I’ve been where you are.

For over a decade, I’ve coached action-oriented female entrepreneurs just like you to clear your negative inner dialogue and build your business dreams and goals.

The process is designed with you in mind. First, we're going to have an in-depth 60-minute conversation to understand where you are now and where you want to be. No judgment, just pure compassion.

Next, we'll unravel how your mind has been running those patterns that are holding you back.

And then, the magic happens.

We'll employ powerful Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) techniques to clear those past traumas and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

The goal is to make it easier to decide what you want, commit to your goals, and shift your focus so that you can easily take action towards your brighter, more abundant future.

Without this mindset shift, you'll continue doing what you've always done – struggling, questioning yourself, and wondering why things aren't working. After coaching with me, you'll transform your past into feelings of abundance, worthiness, and joy. I've been honoured to be a part of the journey of doubling and sometimes tripling my client’s annual revenue. Some have even created seven figure businesses annually.

They call me the Millionaire Maker.

The potential for massive abundance is within you, waiting to be ignited.

So, are you ready to make that change, believe in yourself, and finally charge what you're worth? Let's get started on that journey together and watch as your dreams turn into reality.

You already have everything you need inside of you to have the success you desire. 

I'll guide you ignite your genius. 

It’s possible to re-wire your mind to create the business, the life and the revenue you desire and  deserve.

I know this because I’ve coached many successful entrepreneurs just like you to clear their negative emotions, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that held them back.

My clients have increased their confidence, improved their relationships and succeeded in reaching their financial goals.

You can too.

Take the first step and schedule a Clarity Session with me, Suzanne Longstreet, today. It’s free.

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Suzanne Longstreet

Molly Jones

President & CEO | Jones Design Studio, PLLC

"Before coaching with Suzanne, I was frustrated. I had been working on my mindset, but something was missing. I didn’t realize that a lot of issues that were lingering in my subconscious that I just couldn’t reach. I knew I needed help. I just wasn’t equipped to change my mindset on my own.

During the coaching, I discovered that I am not controlled by my past or past events – the ones I knew about and ones I couldn’t recall that were driving my behavior. I didn’t know why I was engaged in so much self-sabotage. Through this process, I learned that self-sabotage means that I have some mindset work to be done."


Let’s connect to discuss your needs and explore whether we're a good fit. No pressure, just great conversation.

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The Quantum YOU Experience

For the six-figure entrepreneur of a service-based business who wants to level up and exponentially grow your revenue.

You know you’re stopping yourself from your next level and just can’t figure out what or how to change.

Discover the formula to easily transform your thoughts, beliefs and actions to grow your business with ease. 

The Quantum YOU Experience is a unique one-on-one personal development program that is specifically designed and tailored for you to release your past and clear the thoughts and beliefs that are stopping you.

Suzanne’s goal is to find the true nature of what is keeping you stuck, release your negative emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, and the deeply embedded behavioural strategies that have held you back in your life and your business.

You will move forward with a true sense of direction, motivation, self-confidence, self-acceptance, happiness and inner balance.

In short, changing your thoughts will change your actions and because when your mindset is clear, action is easier.

I’ll show you how to connect with your infinite potential in the Quantum YOU Experience.

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