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Be Aware of What You're Asking For

Oct 22, 2021

It’s so good to hear that the limitations for travel are being lifted. The borders are opening and we can start planning for travel again.

This is a huge sigh of relief, especially for those individuals in the travel industry.

We are looking forward to a trip to Cancun, Mexico in the coming months. We had hoped to go in February of this year, and instead enjoyed a week off in our wintery home. We turned up the heat in the house and enjoyed all of our favourite Mexican food and treats.

While we enjoyed our time off, it wasn’t the same as the real event. It was still beneficial for my husband & me to change our pace and practice some self care.

More and more, the people I’ve been chatting with are talking about “looking to get away”, “wanting an escape” or “needing a break”.

Have you heard yourself make one of these declarations?

Every statement you make with great emotion is programming your unconscious mind and your unconscious mind receives your statement directly, similar to how a 5 year old will interpret your request.

So, while you think you’re saying and meaning something that will benefit you, you are actually programming your unconscious mind differently.

Here’s what’s really happening:

When you say, “I’m looking to get away”, you’re unconscious mind will start looking for all the ways for you to leave what you’re doing.

When you state “I want an escape”, you’re unconscious mind will believe that you truly just need to escape.

When you express that you “need a break” your unconscious mind will do just that. It will cause you to break something, a relationship, a friendship, a bone….

Here’s a personal example.

Years ago, I was really conflicted between starting my coaching business and finding a new role in Corporate. I waffled back and forth and didn’t commit to either path. I kept telling myself that I just needed a break and that something would break soon.

Well it did.

On February 13, 2008, I slipped on a patch of ice and broke my ankle. I needed surgery to re-attach the ligaments in my foot and a plate with 7 screws to repair the corkscrew fracture in my ankle.

Immediately after this happened, I felt HUGE RELIEF! I no longer needed to choose what to do next. I could just relax and heal.

My unconscious mind created a break for me.

So, pay attention to the language you use when seeking to go on vacation. Instead, make it a positive statement.

I believe that you have the potential inside of you to BE who you want to be, to DO what you’re passionate about and to HAVE the success you’re striving for. It’s in you.

I provide high performance mindset shifts that transform your thoughts and beliefs using quantum linguistics and proven coaching techniques designed to blast your through your limiting beliefs, so that you release your inner bad ass and confidently take action to grow your business and your revenue.

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