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First Steps to Feeling Invincible

May 30, 2022

Recently, I was asked what was the one thing that happened that allowed me to step out of being invisible in my business and into taking action towards being invincible.

What a great question!

My mind was blank for a couple of seconds until the image of me in February 2011 popped into my head. In October of 2010, I had left my consulting role and spent the next few months wondering what I was going to do next. At the time, I didn’t have a clear direction of what I really wanted in my business. I knew exactly what I didn’t want, but wasn’t really clear of what I really wanted.

I was dabbling at coaching in those days. I was invisible because I refused to share with people that I was a certified coach. I was terrified that they’d laugh in my face or worse, talk about me behind my back and say all the negative things that I was thinking to myself.

So, I pondered the idea of being a coach and how I could get started, for much too long.

One day, I was at the Osteopath’s for my regular treatment and she asked me if I was serious about renting an office from her. It was a great location and I had dreams of clients coming right into the office and asking for me. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

So I told her that I wasn’t interested. Yes, a great way to stay invisible.

I told her, with great conviction, that I was going to work from my home office, coach clients over the telephone and make $5000 a month! I stated this out loud and proud.

Problem was, that I had no idea how to get started, nor did I want to tell anyone I was a coach.

You can see very clearly how I was keeping myself invisible and poor.

At the time, it made a lot of sense to me.

Several days after making my bold statement I received an email. The email stated that they were searching for coaches. Specifically, they were looking for coaches who had high energy and a willingness to learn.

Right. Like that’s going to happen. I state what I want with big emotion and conviction and then I get an email? Come on.

They asked me for my resume. As I pulled together my resume, I put it all the various skills, knowledge and experiences from the past decade. I told them that I had been an Organizational Design Consultant, a Trainer, a Learning & Development Manager, in addition to leading meditation groups and a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. I put my whole self on paper for the first time ever.

As I sent over that email with this resume, I remember thinking “Well, now they’ll see who I really am, because I included everything.” That was a great feeling.

I was hired!

I got over my cynicism of wondering if this was a real offer and what they were trying to sell me. Instead, I was delighted to be coaching clients and receiving close to $5000 monthly. That’s it. I was successful! I felt invincible!

To sum up, my first steps out of being invisible and into being invincible were:

  1. Decide what I wanted and what I didn’t want
  2. Declare what I wanted, with big emotion and out loud
  3. Focus on all the opportunities that were coming towards me
  4. Respond to the opportunities (I suggest that you leave out the cynicism)

You’ve got this. You can do this for anything? Where are you going to start?

I believe that you have the potential inside of you to BE who you want to be, to DO what you’re passionate about and to HAVE the success you’re striving for. It’s in you.

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